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I am the multi-award-winning (77 awards) author of nine children's books, two poetry books and seven published and internationally produced plays for elementary school children. My website is My books and eBooks are all available on and A new children's book will be released soon!

David’s ADHD has Arrived… Another Kalpart Cover Reveal!

David’s ADHD!!!

David’s ADHD has arrived… Such a cute cover by Kalpart Illustrations!

Stay tuned for availability…

There is a lovely quote on the back of the book…

David’s ADHD is a timely topic for parents and children. A story in rhyme that demystifies ADHD. It explains a youngster’s behavior in terms of his inattentiveness and impulsivity and how it impacts those around him. A sensitive way of creating understanding for children with ADHD and their families.”  ….Dr. Valerie Allen – Licensed School Psychologist

I hope this book will help kids with ADHD learn ways to cope, and that classmates will understand and learn to be patient and understanding.

This book includes my “classroom of kids”, with many characters from my previous children’s books, and I hope that some of my readers discover that David has been in the classroom for a long time!

Forgotten 3rd Grade Christmas Poem, at age 7…

I love the way my illustrator, Kalpart, kept the star as the source of light for all the lovely illustrations in Santa’s Birthday Gift. 

I recently discovered this poem that my mother had saved…

Many have asked when I started writing poetry and I always have responded that it was at about age 4, but that I had lost the collection of those earliest poems.

I recently discovered this 3rd Grade Christmas poem, written at age 7.  Yes, I skipped a year.)

Happy December 1st… the first day of Advent…!


Star in the sky,

Twinkling your eye…

Are you big?

Are you small?

Are you fat?

Are you tall?


I am small,

And I am tall…

I’m the star in the sky

That shone in baby Jesus’s eye.


Fun at the Florida Book Fair 2019

Thank you to Dr. Valerie Allen who shared some of these photos of my books exhibited at the Florida Book Fair over the weekend…

She also shared several others, especially this Christmas favorite:

Santa’s Gift to Jesus

Poetry was also available…

A Dime is a Sign through Time

I love to share my books with others…  Please help me share them!!!

A Dime is a Sign Has Won 9th Award – An Honorable Mention for Poetry in the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

At Thanksgiving time I am giving thanks for the announcement that A Dime is A Sign has won an Honorable Mention for Poetry in the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards!  This is the 9th Award for this volume of poetry which is a companion book to A Penny for Your Thoughts.  This contest, sponsored by Story Monsters Inc, is a popular one and I am thrilled to be a recipient again this year.

This is my 77th award overall…

Happy Thanksgiving to All…!

Nice Thank You from the PPE School Library

Nice Thank You!!!  (Please and Thank You are the Magic Words!

Thank you author Sherrill S. Cannon for your generous donation of books. Some are part of my “Manner Trilogy Sub. Folder” and the others to the PPE School Library. Blessings and Gratitude! #LuzDelMes

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Christmas Gifts of Love

Give your loved ones some poetry of loveLove was born at Christmas!

The Spirit of Christmas

Santa’s the spirit of Christmas,

The longing to give in your heart,

The wanting to make others happy,

As God gave us love at the start.


For God’s love was born at Christmas,

All wrapped in a small holy Boy.

So we want to give on His birthday,

To share all our love and our joy.


You’re never too old to love Santa,

Just open your heart and believe…

That Santa brings gifts for Christ’s birthday,

And it’s better to give than receive.

                                                                              …Sherrill S. Cannon




Awesome Christmas Gifts Banner Created by All Author! Thanks!!

Great Christmas Gifts!

Thanks to All Author for this wonderful display!

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