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Santa’s Birthday Gift – What Santa Gives, Not Gets

Lovely post by Owl & Pussycat Book Promotions for Santa’s Birthday Gift

Santa’s Gift to Jesus…


Nice Post on the New Apple Summer E-Book Awards

2018 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards: POETRY

Solo Medalist Winner


A Penny for Your Thoughts

by Sherrill S. Cannon

The variety of lyrical poetry forms in this collection include free verse, blank verse, haiku, & sonnets. The book suggests the spinning of a coin with “Love & Loss: Coin Toss?” and is organized into three sections: “Heads, Of Love and Friendship”, “Spinning, Of Related Emotions”, and “Tails, of Heartache and Anguish”.  In poetic terms, this book speaks of beauty, nature, sadness, and gladness.  The soothing words offer an uplifting message to readers everywhere. These heartfelt poems were compiled over many years by a former teacher and award-winning author who states. “As a teacher, I used poetry to help counsel many troubled teens and friends, and have continued this pattern throughout the years.” Feathered Quill reviews deemed it “a book of healing”.

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
Publishing House: SBPRA
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Available for purchase:

Nice Review from Uganda for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Ten Awards for A Penny for Your Thoughts

I’m delighted to share the following review by Robert Mukiibi, who is an author in Uganda.  He expressed interest in my poetry, and offered to review it.

From Robert Mukiibi – 11/4/18 – A Penny for Your Thoughts– Uganda

I got the book yesterday and its beautiful and carefully written. Thanks!

I have read a few pages already and I like “Lullaby” and “I Think of You”…so far.  Great craft and use of rhyme.

Now I have read the book and every page had incredible literary power that I couldn’t help but affix my attention to the voice that carried sweet soft sounds of realities nurtured by the beauty of imagination, passion and insight.

I enjoyed the book because it is understandable. The simplicity of poetry makes it even more genuine and gives it a chance to be likeable.

You are blessed with a profound usage of words that resonate with the reader’s expectations or experiences. I think that’s what poetry is all about, “to convey, portray or paint an Idea, to uplift souls, and to light the inner world of readers.”

So I thank him for his thoughtful review, and I am hoping he will be able to release his own book of poetry in the future…

Northampton Library Author Expo – Nov. 10th – 2-4 p.m.

New Poetry Books as well as my Children’s Books

Anyone who lives in or near Richboro, PA in Northampton Township, please come join me and other local authors at the Northampton Library Author Expo on Saturday, November 10th from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

I will have both my newest books of poetry there – A Penny for Your Thoughts (already a winner of 10 awards) and A Dime is a Sign – as well as my nine award winning children’s books!  Stock up for the Holidays!!











Free Library of Northampton Township

25 Upper Holland Rd

Richboro, PA 18954





Nice Comment from Fellow Author, Christine Cazes

A Dime is a Sign –  a companion volume to A Penny for Your Thoughts

Nice to find this lovely comment on FB this morning…

“I’m very pleased to know Sherrill, an award winning author of children’s books and recently two poetry books entitled “A Penny For Your Thoughts” and “A Dime Is A Sign”!!

I’m still reading the thought provoking poems in her newest book “A Dime Is A Sign”!! I love reading them!!!”


Christine has recently released two lovely children’s books:  Punkin and Gem.

(Punkin is particularly appropriate at Halloween time!)

A Penny for Your Thoughts Highlighted on the Top Shelf Magazine

Ten Awards for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Fun to find on the Top Shelf Highlights:

Finalist – Top Shelf Magazine

Award placement to be announced in their Holiday Edition!

See a Penny?…Good Luck!

A Selection from A Penny for Your Thoughts

10 Awards for A Penny for Your Thoughts

It’s Fall…not my favorite time of year.  I know it’s full of lovely autumn colors and Halloween and Thanksgiving… but it always means the cold is approaching and winter will soon be here.  (Did I mention I hate cold?)

I’ve been requested to share some of my poetry on my blog.  I tend to often use season imagery to describe feelings: so spring, summer, fall and winter symbolize beginning, blooming, failing, and dying.

Consequently, not all of my poetry is happy and uplifting…

There are three categories in both A Penny for Your Thoughts and A Dime is a Sign:  Heads, Spinning and Tails…

Here is a selection from Spinning in A Penny for Your Thoughts:


I see the signs of autumn:

The leaves have turned to brown;

Some of them are hanging on,

The rest are falling down.


I know that there are new leaves

Hidden in each tree;

Waiting for the springtime birth,

The cycled destiny.


I wonder if the old ones,

Slowly letting go,

Care that they have been replaced

Or if they even know . . .


And if the ones still hanging on

Are full of silent cries—

Resenting new ones being born

For every one that dies.

                                                                            …Sherrill S. Cannon