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Back to Back Book Events!

Buckingham Springs

I had fun sharing my books at the Doylestown, PA library event, and again the next day at the Buckingham Craft Fair… It’s always fun to meet new people and share my books!

Doylestown Library

Fun Time at the Library Author Expo

I enjoyed last weekend’s Library’s 3rd Annual Author Expo.

It’s fun to meet new people and share books.

I love young readers!

Helping Potential Authors









Here’s the SBPRA Team!  Fellow authors Karen Scheuer and Gary Spack share space:

SBPRA Authors! Children’s Books Rock!










Fun at Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

I had a fun day today at the Grandparents Day event at my granddaughter’s pre-school, reading a prototype of my soon-to-be-released My Little Angel.

Since I didn’t have an official print copy of any sort, I made my own copy and she held the illustrations for me while I read the text from my iPhone!

(One little boy’s immediate reaction?  “I really LIKE that book!”)

Then she handed out my author cards to all the grandparents!  



Northampton Library Book Signing

I enjoyed sharing a table with fellow SBPRA author, Karen Scheuer, at the Book Event at the Northampton Library yesterday.  Karen’s book, A Bug and a Wish, is also about coping with bullying – and we share the same awesome illustrator, Kalpart!