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A Dime is a Sign Wins the Poetry Award in the Top Shelf Magazine Awards

What fun to find the announcement for the Top Shelf Magazine Awards and discover that A Dime is a Sign has won the award for Poetry!  This is the 10th award for A Dime is a Sign, and my overall 79th Award.

(This is fun, since I am 79!!)

Lunch With Santa 2019

I enjoyed being a part of the festivities with all the youngsters at the Annual “Lunch with Santa” event at Buckingham Springs.  It’s always fun for me, since this is the best age group for sharing my books… Grandparents and parents who wish to participate bring a gift with their child’s name on it and leave it at the office the day before the event.  When everyone arrives at the event, they have lunch and sing songs until the magic moment when Santa appears, ringing his bell and shouting “Ho-Ho-Ho”… The children cheer –  and then line up to visit Santa and receive their designated gift!  Very festive and happy occasion!!!  

A Dime is a Sign Has Won 9th Award – An Honorable Mention for Poetry in the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

At Thanksgiving time I am giving thanks for the announcement that A Dime is A Sign has won an Honorable Mention for Poetry in the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards!  This is the 9th Award for this volume of poetry which is a companion book to A Penny for Your Thoughts.  This contest, sponsored by Story Monsters Inc, is a popular one and I am thrilled to be a recipient again this year.

This is my 77th award overall…

Happy Thanksgiving to All…!

Christmas Gifts of Love

Give your loved ones some poetry of loveLove was born at Christmas!

The Spirit of Christmas

Santa’s the spirit of Christmas,

The longing to give in your heart,

The wanting to make others happy,

As God gave us love at the start.


For God’s love was born at Christmas,

All wrapped in a small holy Boy.

So we want to give on His birthday,

To share all our love and our joy.


You’re never too old to love Santa,

Just open your heart and believe…

That Santa brings gifts for Christ’s birthday,

And it’s better to give than receive.

                                                                              …Sherrill S. Cannon




A Dime is a Sign is a New Apple Summer Book Awards Poetry Official Selection

So happy to share the just released announcement of the New Apple Summer Book Awards.  A Dime is a Sign is the Official Selection in Poetry

Official Selection:
Official Selection


A Dime is a Sign 

by Sherrill S. Cannon

This is a compilation of poetry written through the years in an attempt to put feelings into words.  A dime is a sign through time.

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback
Publishing House: SBPRA
Author’s Social Media:
Author’s Website:
Available for purchase:

 Link to New Apple Summer Books Awards…Poetry

A Dime is a Sign is part of a Reader Views Giveaway

A Dime is a Sign is part of the Reader Views Giveaway this month…

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Good luck!!!

A Dime is a Sign Listing on American Book Fest Site

8 Awards for A Dime is a Sign.

Fun to get this message from the Best Book Awards

Hello Sherrill,

A Dime is a Sign Listing

Thank you for entering the 2019 Best Book Awards.

As a bonus, your book is currently featured on!

Your listing is LIVE for FIVE MONTHS starting today!

If your title places as a winner or finalist, your listing will remain up for an additional 10 months.


TITLE: A Dime is a Sign by Sherrill S. Cannon, illustrated by Kalpart




Results announced mid-November…

(I’m keeping my fingers crossed, except while texting…)