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Addie Reads Manner-Man on Addie’s Angels

Addie Loves My Books

How wonderful to tune in to Addie’s Angels podcast to hear Addie reading Manner-Man to her young viewers.

Addie reads Manner-Man

Many of you already “know” Addie, since she inspired my former Fundraiser for CureJM. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis when she was about 3-years old.   I have delighted in watching her grow and shine…and now she is reading my books to her young followers on her Addie’s Angels blog site.

She is also one of the characters in several of my books, thanks to my wonderful illustrator – Kalpart – who illustrates all of my books and uses some of my special children and family members as characters in the books.  Addie is on a couple of covers (including Manner-Man) and also my newest book, David’s ADHD...

Thanks, Addie, for sharing!  I love you!!!

Davey is my new Manner-Man Rep!

Davey is Member of the Manner-Man Team!

I’m so delighted that Davey‘s Mom sent me this wonderful photo of Davey wearing the Manner-Man shirt his sister, Genesis, wore when she was his age… Geni was one of my Kid-Reviewers, and their Mom, Donalisa, is not only a fellow author but also the Licensed Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW I thanked in David’s ADHD for her guidance and evaluation before publication.  (By the way, Davey is not the David who inspired the book!)

Thanks for making my day!


Another 5-Star Readers Favorite Review for David’s ADHD

Thank you Jack Magnus of Reader’s Favorite for the lovely 5-star review for David’s ADHD

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

David’s ADHD is a picture book for children written by Sherrill S. Cannon and illustrated by Kalpart. David’s classmates don’t get upset when he acts out in the schoolyard or is hyper in class. They know sometimes he seems frustrated and unable to focus on the teacher and what they are learning. His behavior might have confused them in the past, but they know that David has ADHD. They understand that the camera we all have in our heads works differently in David’s; his focusing lens operates differently. David’s parents had wondered what was happening with their son. They could feel his despair and confusion — and even his rage. Finally, they learned after testing that David had ADHD. And that he wasn’t the only kid who had it. Best of all, they learned that the doctors could show them how to help David wake up his focus.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s David’s ADHD introduces the subject of ADHD to children and their caregivers in a fun and easy-to-read format. The author demystifies what is a confusing and upsetting mode of behavior and shows how caregivers can work with kids like David and help them explore their strengths more fully. I especially liked how the book also includes those kids who have had interactions with kids like David. It clearly explains why they behave as they do and what challenges they face. With that knowledge, kids can learn to empathize with someone they may have avoided in the past. Kalpart’s bright and colorful illustrations chart David’s progress as he consults with his doctor, works on his schedule with his mom and dad, and excels on his computer. I was pleased to learn that medication is not the only treatment for ADHD. David’s ADHD shows that quite clearly in a story that’s accessible to kids and caregivers alike. David’s ADHD is most highly recommended.

Once again, I am so pleased that the reviewer has captured the essence of the book – which is to help not only the child with ADHD, but his classmates.  Patience and understanding are concepts that children should learn early, and will help them mature into responsible and caring adults…If possible, please share this book with your children, teachers and libraries!!!

Awesome Feathered Quill Review for David’s ADHD

Thank you to Feathered Quill for this wonderful review…!

Author Sherrill S. Cannon tackles an important and timely subject in her latest children’s book, David’s ADHD.

Readers meet David in his classroom where all the students are attentively listening to their teacher. All the students except David. Instead of listening, David is distracted by his pencil. Throughout the day, David has problems in and out of class. He can’t sit still and he easily gets angry and frustrated. David shoves and plays too rough and his behavior was having an impact on those around him too.

Written in an easy flowing rhyme that children will happily follow along with, the book explains what ADHD is, and how to recognize it in others and themselves:

Everyone thought he was out of control;
His angry resentment was taking its toll.
The kids wouldn’t play with him; he was too rough.
He’d push and he’d shove, and he’d grab at their stuff.
Nobody liked him or wanted him near,
And he seemed to be getting worse, year after year.

David’s ADHD doesn’t sugarcoat the issue, but it also handles the topic with care and understanding. In the story, David’s parents realize that something is wrong so they take their son to the doctor. Once they have a diagnosis, David now has options for dealing with his ADHD. The author explains (all in rhyme) how some people need to take medicine, others find having schedules to follow helps, while still others might have a therapist to teach coping skills.

I was interested in reading/reviewing this book primarily because my son, now grown, was diagnosed with ADHD back in elementary school and I wanted to see how the author would tackle the subject. After reading the book, I suspect Ms. Cannon has worked with children with ADHD because she covered all the issues/solutions surrounding ADHD that we experienced. Those solutions include using a computer keyboard to type out classroom work, to following a strict schedule as well as having simple rules to follow. She also makes it clear that ADHD is something that must be dealt with every day:

He copes with ADHD day after day.
He knows it may possibly not go away.

While presenting all the obstacles surrounding ADHD and ways of treating it, the book stays very positive. Children who may be struggling with ADHD will certainly see themselves in David and be encouraged at how he deals with his anger and hyperactivity. The book is also an excellent tool to teach all schoolchildren about those in their own classroom who may exhibit signs of ADHD so that they can better understand and help their classmates.

Quill says: Another winner from author Sherrill S. Cannon, this time on a topic that impacts so many children, and their families. David’s ADHD should definitely find a place in every school library to help children with ADHD as well as to educate children who know someone with ADHD so that they can better understand, and interact, with their classmate(s).”

For more information on David’s ADHD, please visit the publisher’s website at:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

David’s ADHD is Available on Amazon and

I’m thrilled to announce that David’s ADHD is now available in paperback on and also!  (It will soon be available as an eBook as well…)

Amazon Paperback

I received several wonderful endorsements for this book:

“David’s ADHD is a timely topic for parents and children. A story in rhyme that demystifies ADHD. It explains a youngster’s behavior in terms of his inattentiveness and impulsivity and how it impacts those around him. A sensitive way of creating understanding for children with ADHD and their families.”… Dr. Valerie Allen, Licensed School Psychologist:

“This is absolutely wonderful! I will be using it for my clients when you publish it.”… Donalisa Helsley – Licensed Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW 

I would also like to point out that my “Classroom of Kids” is included in the wonderful illustrations by Kalpart, and readers of my former books should have fun finding them!!  In fact, David has been a part of this classroom for quite a long time…

I hope that this book will provide helpful suggestions for those coping with ADHD, as well as help other children become aware of the challenges of the condition and become more patient and understanding with them.

(The book was actually written in response to a child who listened to one of my stories and said that he wished there were a book for kids like him…Now there is!)






Nice Thank You from the PPE School Library

Nice Thank You!!!  (Please and Thank You are the Magic Words!

Thank you author Sherrill S. Cannon for your generous donation of books. Some are part of my “Manner Trilogy Sub. Folder” and the others to the PPE School Library. Blessings and Gratitude! #LuzDelMes

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