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“The Teacher-Author Worlds Collide”

Fun to find this message from Bethany Edwards on her Read Your World site:

Thank you Bethany

Lazy Bee Scripts

Please check out my Children’s Plays at Lazy Bee Scripts

They are written for elementary school classrooms, and each child has at least one line… (no “trees”, standing on stage!)  They are co-authored with my daughter, elementary school teacher Kerry Gallagher.

Author Bethany Edwards mentions performing one of my Children’s Plays in Egypt!

Lazy Bee Scripts

I had an unexpected response to my post on the Multi-Cultural Children’s Book Day blog about winning contests…  If you didn’t see it, the link is MCCBD Post on Winning Contests

I got a lovely comment note from author Bethany Edwards:

“This is amazing! Thank you so much Sherrill S. Cannon for sharing your insight! I submitted two picture books to the Lee & Low New Voices Award and am already dreaming big! I am an international teacher and have actually performed your “We Have Character” play with my students in Egypt as part of our character focused assembly. What fun to connect with you here. Will continue sharing your books, and definitely sharing this article on all of my social media channels. If I had a dollar for every time a teacher told me “I have trouble finding quality diverse books”, I could pay for all of us in this group to enter all the contests you listed.”

Many of you may not know that I am also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children.  My daughter Kerry Gallagher is the co-author.

The plays have been produced in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as well as Australia, Austria, Botswana, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Guinea, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (so far).

All the plays are designed to use all the children in a classroom (or combined classrooms) and each child has at least one line…one time to shine! (although the teacher may always allow a shy child to have a friend share that limelight…)

They are all available at




Thank you Google and the Aiken Standard… The King’s Spell performed in Aiken,SC

The King’s Spell

Thank you Google for alerting me that one of my children’s plays, co-authored with my daughter Kerry Gallagher, The King’s Spell, was part of a children’s workshop in Aiken, SC.  (All of our children’s plays are available at )

Lazy Bee Scripts

Newspaper Article – Aiken Standard News







Have You Seen My Little Lamb? is a Best Seller at Lazy Bee Scripts!

Fun to Find on the Lazy Bee Scripts Site:

Have You Seen My Little Lamb? a Best Seller

Here is the Lazy Bee Facebook Page with Details.  I have seven plays available here, many co-authored with my teacher-daughter, Kerry Gallagher, and suitable for elementary school children K-3.  Each child gets his or her own line!!!

Please see if any of your local schools might be interested.  It would be fun to be able to watch a performance!!


My Play, ABC December, to be in Re-Release of a JoAnn Ross Novella

Untitled-3I often forget to mention that I also am the author of 7 Published and Internationally performed plays for elementary school children. One of them, ABC December, is referenced (with credits!) in the JoAnn Ross multi-author Christmas book, Christmas On Main Street – and is now to be re-released as a novella entitled Christmas In Shelter Bay.

I Just discovered this on the JoAnn Ross Newsletter. It’s fun to have my play, ABC December, included once again! I don’t know if you remember, but she used one of the plays written by me and my daughter in her story . The  heroine is a kindergarten teacher whose class performs a “Holiday Play”… We received credits for the play!!

Here’s her news:

“…on November 15, NAL will be rereleasing a backlist Christmas story, Christmas in Shelter Bay, as an e-novella for $2.99. This originally came out in the Christmas on Main Street anthology with other authors. I don’t, by the way, have any say in formats or dates (or really anything, including pricing) from former publishers, and they’ve chosen not to make it available in print. However, you can read an ebook on a tablet, phone, computer with a free kindle app. This is Cole and Kelli’s story, and NAL’s art department did create a really pretty cover for it. It can be pre-ordered for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.  I don’t have a website page up for that novella yet, but there’s a link to the previously published multi-author anthology Christmas on Main Street page which has the previous cover copy and an excerpt you can read. Just a reminder, if you click on the links on that page, you’ll get the more expensive anthology rather than just the Shelter Bay novella. However, if you’d like to read it in print and missed it the first time around, this would be a way to do it.”

If anyone is interested in any of the plays, they are available at Lazy Bee Scripts listed under Sherrill S. Cannon. They are also here on the website!


The Alphabet Trip is now available on Lazy Bee Scripts!

Lazy Bee Scripts

Lazy Bee Scripts

My seventh published play is now available on Lazy Bee Scripts:

The Alphabet Trip by Sherrill S. Cannon

This is a play for the very young (kindergarteners and/or first graders) and each child has at least one line.  There are suggested songs to go with the performance as well.

Please take a look if you get a chance…

My six other children’s plays are available on the site as well – all for elementary school student productions…  Enjoy!!!

Nice Mention by JoAnn Ross whose new novella, Christmas in Shelter Bay, was released today in Christmas on Main Street

Bestselling Author!

Bestselling Author!


“Thirty two years ago, in November, I started to write romance novels. Thirty one years ago, again in November, a young editor — who’s now NAL Signet Editorial Director — Claire Zion rescued my manuscript from her slush pile. Today NAL Signet is releasing Cole & Kelli’s Shelter Bay story in Christmas on Main Street. I heart November and NAL! And, of course, I’m so thankful for all the wonderful readers who’ve allowed me to live my dream all these years.”…JoAnn Ross

  • Sherrill S. Cannon We’re all pretty thankful you’ve been allowed to live your dream too!
    • JoAnn Ross  And I’m thankful you and your daughter wrote Kelli’s play!
      Nice that she gave us credit for writing ABC December, the play that was used by the heroine of her book, Kelli, a kindergarten teacher!  My plays are all available at Lazy Bee Scripts.
      Click here, and go to Sherrill S. Cannon:  Lazy Bee Scripts