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“This is the most refreshing, coolest kids’ book I‘ve read in a while.”

Gisela Hausmann rated a book it was amazing
What fun to find on Goodreads!!  Thank you to the “Review Guru” for this awesome review!!
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“Now, this book offers a completely new idea.

“Just fingerpaint something you see in your head.”
That’s how this adventure starts.
The storyteller explains that he or she is trying to paint their dog but somehow things don’t work out perfectly. Class ends and the story tellers takes the picture home. Alas, a windstorm grabs a hold of it and blows the picture in a collection of art work for an art dealer.

Much to the storyteller’s surprise his or her picture gets exhibited at the mall with many pictures. All of them competing for a blue ribbon, the first prize
“… to become an artist of great renown, and to be famous and honored throughout the town…”

No spoilers who wins the contest and what’s going to happen from this reviewer but I’d love to share what I find outstanding about this book.

Throughout the book the storyteller shares his or her opinions. Though typically, children and young people are often portrayed as “going along with everything” and “behaving properly” etc… this story teller has his or her own opinions.
“… one looked at it side-ways, and one upside down!
I don’t think they really knew what it was…”

And, just like the “innocent but clever child” in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” this storyteller is sharing his or her opinions. With refreshing honesty!!! Even I who I have read thousands of books – laughed.

Author Sherrill Cannon penned a winner. This is the most refreshing, coolest kids’ book I‘ve read in a while.”

5 stars, Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger

5 Stars for My Little Angel… Review by Lorilyn Roberts of the John 3:16 Network

My Little Angel – 6 Awards

My Little Angel has just won its 6th Award, a Gold Medal in the Global eBook Awards.  Here is an earlier review by Lorilyn Roberts, Founder of the John 3:16 Network, who wrote a lovely 5-Star Review for My Little Angel.  I’m very happy to share this one again…

“My favorite children’s books are rhyming books, and Sherrill Cannon once again in “My Little Angel” has created a masterpiece. The story is uplifting, the illustrations are beautiful, and it’s one of those books where you feel good all over when you finish it. You want to linger on the words, the message, and read it again and again. The story is biblical, where the young girl has an angel who protects her and helps her throughout the day. Prayer, self-worth, kindness, gratitude, and love are recurring themes and make this a wonderful book to share and read to young children. “My Little Angel” is a great addition to children’s literature and I’m sure it will win many awards in the years to come.”  … …Lorilyn Roberts



US Review of Books – Awesome Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts!

So thrilled to receive this awesome review from the US Review of Books for A Penny for Your Thoughts.  Thank you to reviewer Michael Radon for capturing the essence…

US Review: A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts: Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words)
by Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
“For if I knew ahead of time, then I
Would live my life according to its end;
And never give the present, time to try”

This collection of poetry examines love, as so much poetry tends to do, but the perspective here is unique. That romantic euphoria and devastating heartbreak are seen as two sides of the same emotion. Split up into three sections, the first and third are polar in their approach, either bubbling with affection or profound in examining what was lost or what was never had to begin with. The middle section offers a little bit of both, tying in experiences that are related to being in love or emotions that come along with a relationship or marriage. The poems themselves also cover a variety of forms, ranging from free verse to sonnets and concrete poetry to haiku. Containing over 100 poems, the poet’s musings on an aspect of life that tends to be powerful no matter how it’s experienced will emotionally reach readers of all ages.

This volume is singular in its focus but powerfully broad in its approach and form. By taking just the idea of love and then presenting it from both a positive and negative perspective, or by applying different poetic constructs to it, the results end up significantly varied and stay fresh. Most poems occupy a single page with only the longer forms stretching to a second, and so readers are encouraged to enjoy at whatever pace suits them best. Love’s prominence as a subject for poetry owes to both the strength at which it is experienced as well as the universality of it, as everyone experiences it in various ways. The author’s ability to look at it and present it in so many different ways speaks to her skill as a poet and her deep understanding of the emotional spectrum.

An Awesome 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

7 Awards

I am delighted to share this awesome 5-Star Review of A Penny for Your Thoughts reviewed by Aimee Ann on the Red Headed Booklover Blog.

She added a personal note to me that I’m also happy to share:

“My review is now live! I hope so much that you enjoy my review and are happy with it. You will read in my review that I loved your book but I just wanted to write on a personal note that I thought your book was genuinely incredible and I really enjoyed every moment of it. Never once did your book lack momentum and your writing was stellar.”

A Penny for Your Thoughts is a poetry book I was desperate to read ever since discovering it. I love poetry but only if the poems that are written are poignant, moving and will provoke my thoughts about life and myself and A Penny for Your Thoughts holds many poems that do just this. I love poetry, but sadly these days poems do not read as nicely as some classics, but I found with A Penny for Your Thoughts that they did because the words flowed beautifully from start to finish and transfixed me and compelled me from beginning to end and so I am already going to recommend this gem of a book! However, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about this gem!

A Penny for Your Thoughts is a collection of poems about love, letting go, and loss, as well as a few more core themes and the poems explored throughout the book, are all of a different nature. This is because the poems are in haiku form, as well as sonnet and even free verse form and this book lovers is rare to come across! Most poetry books only focus on one style of poetry but A Penny for Your Thoughts features them all, and they are all excellently written which again shows us that A Penny for Your Thoughts is a stellar book!

There are many poems in A Penny for Your Thoughts which I loved but one of my favorites was ‘Does Memory Last’, and this is a poem about losing a loved one or when we are facing death, and this poem for me struck me the hardest because it was poignant as well as thought-provoking and an extraordinary poem. Another favorite of mine was called ‘To See The Future’ and this poem was all about if we had the ability to look into the future, but Sherrill explains through her beautiful poem that this would not be good because we would no longer be focused on the present and feeling emotions such as love, grief, sorry and so much more, and this was an incredible poem I could see schools analysing in literature class.

The poems laced throughout A Penny for Your Thoughts are so brilliant and unique that I have not been able to stop thinking about them. As soon as I would finish one I would end up re-reading it because I wanted to immerse myself in it again and understanding the true meaning. I love immersing myself in a poem and reading it from different perspectives and the wonderful author Sherrill S. Cannon challenges her readers to do this.

Sherrill S. Cannon is a newly discovered poet of mine, but I wish I had discovered her work sooner because never before have I been so transfixed by poems. I have read a lot of poems in my time, especially since a young age but never have I ever been so provoked by the ones in A Penny for Your Thoughts, emotionally and mentally. Cannon does this with her mesmerizing prose and well developed and structured poems. The poems truly will keep readers turning the pages from beginning to end.

Overall A Penny for Your Thoughts is a sensational, unique, and beautiful poetry book that should not be missed, I, of course, have to award this stellar book five stars! So please, have a read of A Penny for Your Thoughts and get lost in the captivating words of Sherrill S. Cannon and be compelled to read from the very beginning to the very end. Please also keep an eye out for my spotlight for Sherrill which will be live next week, you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on A Penny for Your Thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!”

Thank you Aimee Ann, for making my heart smile!!


Another 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Winner of 7 Awards

It’s so lovely to receive 5-Star reviews!  I especially enjoy the ones that mention favorite poems…

Thank you to Christine Cazes for this one:

on July 9, 2018
“The 132 poems in A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS beautifully captures life’s emotions. Derived around the concept of flipping a coin, HEADS introduces poems of love and friendship and TAILS presents poems of heartache and anguish. Read A MOTHER BIRD’S SONG and listen to a mother bird singing her song of love which embraces the love all mothers share with their children; or THINKING OF YOU which embraces someone you love making your eyes and heart smile. Then, SPIN into related emotions with FROZEN WASTELAND where “a land of no tomorrows” turns “into sunshine from the cold”; or LOST TIME and read all about “precious time slipping away” only to realize “tomorrows just begun.” Turn to the chapter TAILS and read A SMALL DEATH asking “will they forget” or GRIEF and watch a willow silently weep. A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS allows you to pick a poem that matches the way your feel. Superb reading!”
Also, a reminder that my interview is now live on    Perhaps you can find some favorites of your own!

Another Lovely Review for The Golden Rule

Winner of 9 Awards

It’s so wonderful to find nice reviews like this one for The Golden Rule:

Customer Review – Positive Messaging for Kids

on May 28, 2018
Kids, 4, 7 & 8, have requested this a number of times for their bedtime story. Has also prompted conversation and inspired positive, conscious, behaviour.
Thank you, Reviewer, for taking the time to share your thoughts, and for helping show your kids how to treat others the way they would like to be treated!

Another Cute 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

It’s fun to find new reviews on amazon, and I’m happy to share this one!

My Little Angel – 4 Awards

5-stars for My Little Angel

on April 6, 2018
“One more excellent children’s book from Cannon. Not overly religious, but touching in its message of how children can be aware of the impact of their words and actions. Another one of my kids’ favorites for bedtime!”
Thank you Kimber…