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Wonderful Photos from Pakistan Thanks to Mahi Mishal

Santa’s Birthday Gift Arrives in Pakistan

Mahi Mishal asked me if I would share a copy of Santa’s Birthday Gift with her Sunday School in Pakistan, so I mailed a copy on Dec. 11th!  They have finally received the package, I have received these wonderful photos of the children…

Giveaway for Santa’s Birthday Gift and A Penny for Your Thoughts – Linda Weaver Clarke Interview

What Santa Gives…not Gets


Happy to share the interview with LInda Weaver Clarke who is also sponsoring a giveaway for your choice of Santa’s Birthday Gift or A Penny for Your Thoughts 

Poems of Love and Loss…
Feelings Into Words



Giveaway and Interview – Linda Weaver Clarke

Please read and enter, selecting your choice of book!!!

Linda Weaver Clarke is a talented author of many awesome books, and was the first to give me an interview about Santa’s Birthday Gift in 2009!

What Was Santa’s Birthday Gift?

Please remember the true meaning of Christmas…

Christmas Gifts are Birthday Gifts for Jesus

Christmas Gifts are Birthday Gifts for Jesus

Please help share this story with your children… Reading this together is our Christmas tradition, and hope it may become yours..

Santa’s gift to Jesus was his promise to bring gifts each year to children to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. Christmas gifts are Birthday Gifts for Jesus!

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Thank you Vera Godley for the Lovely Review of Mice and Spiders and Webs…Oh My!

Winner of 2 Awards...

Winner of 2 Awards…

Thanks to Vera Godley for her lovely review of Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! on her blog…  This is also a Giveaway, so please take a look!!!

Chat With Vera Review

My thoughts: It is hard to imagine a child, even a small child, in today’s world not recognizing terms such as mice, spiders, and webs without immediately recognizing them as computer connected terms. However, Sherrill Cannon has presented just such a story with a young, school age girl who is now afraid to go to school because the teacher said that “today” there would be “mice, spiders, and webs” at school.

Written in rhyme, this cute book is fun to read and Rosemary is adamant that she will not go to school with mice, spiders, and webs.

The case in point is that the young girl simply wasn’t listening closely and assumed from what she “heard” that real live mice and spiders would be there. And of course, she didn’t want to be around these creepy critters.

She does go to school and she is reconciled to learn that her teacher was introducing them to computers. So now she knows that it is important to listen well to what is being said.

The little book is also an introduction to the world-wide “web” and use of mice (computer mouse), and spiders that creep and crawl along the WWW.

Nicely illustrated by Kalpart, children will enjoy this story and learn a bit, too.
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ENDS January 18, 2016 @ 12:00 a.m. ET.
Open to USA addresses only.