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Welcome to my newest page, where I will post reviews and comments from children and parents.

Winner of 7 Awards

Winner of 7 Awards


Nice note from a grandmother about reading Manner-Man with her grandson:

“I was reading it with Wilkie last night and missed a word… yup, you got it, he added the forgotten word! They do enjoy – and know – your books!”


Reading at Grand View

Reading at Grand View

04/19/14 – Some fun comments from my book reading at Grandview:

“Colby loved her visit.  I meant to email you about it.  Getting any color about Colby’s day at school is near impossible.  However, he had a lot to say about your mom and her stories.  I forget exactly now, but he went on an on about a boy with a big hand or something :). ”

“That’s awesome!  Michelle is totally interested in her books and loved having her in the class.”

“Super cool mom! Tell her thanks for coming to the class from me 🙂 I swear Rhodes has had better manners and we didn’t know why!”

Note from the Teacher:  Thanks so much for coming to our class to read all your excellent books.. The kids are still enjoying reading them in class…

Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Crystal’s Tiny Treasures

Review from Mother and Daughter!

Another terrific book by Sherrill Cannon! We have all of her books and I enjoy sharing them with my children. This is a wonderful story of a child seeing her/his artwork earn accolades, while at the same time being doubted by adults. In the end, the child knows she/he has produced a masterpiece, what more could a young artist ask for!

Review by 8 year old daughter

I think it’s a really cool book about how sometimes even a very messy piece of artwork that sometimes you can’t even understand can be considered a very, very pretty work of art.

Here is a lovely “review” from Alyssa’s Mom:

We’ve just received our copy of My Fingerprint Masterpiece and it is a masterpiece itself. Alyssa was so excited to see her name in the book. My girls really enjoyed the story and I love the messages in your stories. We’re hooked on your books. My thanks to you for all you do to help us fight to cure JM. You’re amazing!!!!


I have several Junior Reviewers for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece which I posted earlier but would like to include here.  These Junior Reviewers helped me determine the appeal of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece to young readers.  I can’t thank them enough for their enthusiastic responses!  (I asked them to not share the book with anyone before it was published.  I also found it gratifying that they had different opinions on whether the child was a girl or boy–“perception/perspective” again.)  Thanks (in alphabetical order) to –

From Addie – Age 8:   “Thank you for showing me your book. I haven’t told anybody. I like that your book rhymes.  I bet she felt bad that she forgot to put her name on the painting. One time I forgot to put my name on my paper and then I had to write my name 100 times on a piece of paper. I also like that her painting got up on the wall at the mall. I think she did feel bad that the other people did not believe that was her painting because I would.    It was funny when everybody was disagreeing on what her painting was. It was funny when her painting flew into the air and twisted and turned.  I think that was amazing that she won the prize even though they didn’t know what her painting was.  Thank you again for showing me another great book that you wrote!” (Addie is also in two of the illustrations – wearing a pink dress and holding My Fingerpaint Masterpiece in one of the scenes!)

This is a note from Addie’s mother, after Addie received the ms to review:

“Addie just got done with your book and she really enjoyed it, as a matter of fact she is reading it again. She is going to write you a letter. I too liked it. It was a fun story. Especially since we a lot of art projects around here and by Aunt was an art teacher. My mind is already busy with ways of using this to remind Addie of certain things..No procrastinating. Don’t forget to put your name on your papers, etc. What I really loved is that even without illustrations I could see all the bright colors in my head. You have such a great way with words. We will either mail the letter or I will type it in an email for you. Thanks, I am watching her read it to Daddy and she is just beaming. You made her night.”

From Alexandra – Age 10: “I liked The Fingerpaint Masterpiece. It was awesome when the painting blew away and started the whole problem. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is perfect for young readers.”

From Brenna – Age 8:  “I love The Fingerpaint Masterpiece because it’s a cool story. My favorite part was when the boy painted the picture in school. I loved the pretty illustrations and the rhyming words in this book.”

(Sisters Brenna and Alexandra were kind enough to read the story for me, before there were any illustrations, to help me decide which book to publish this time.  So they already have a preview of my next one to be published in 2015!)

From Cassandra – Age 15:  “I think this book teaches a lot of good morals and values to the kids who read My Fingerpaint Masterpiece. The story teaches to always sign your papers and complete your work, always explain to your parents what happened including not to lie about what happened. Also, if you’re ever told to come straight home after some place, you should go home. I love the rhymes, and the wording in the story! I have read the book to my niece and she absolutely loved it! To top it off I thought the book was absolutely adorable. I would recommend this book to anyone for their kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.”  (Cassandra is my Teen Reviewer, and is also illustrated in one of the scenes – See if you can find the teenager!!)

Here is a Cute note from mother of a very small fan:

Kallista is so cute this week being polite and using the Magic Word, I mean actually saying ‘I’ve said the Magic Word’!  After politely asking for a cup of water.  And we’re working on Phil saying ‘Give that to me.’  But he may be a tougher nut to crack!


Cassandra & Ashlyn

Cassandra & Ashlyn

I received the following comments from Ashlyn’s family  (Ashlyn is 3!)

“Oh my goodness, we received the books yesterday afternoon. I love them and so do the kids. I must have read them to Ashlyn at least a dozen times already each. She absolutely LOVES manner man and went to bed doing his code. LOL. Thank you so much. They are fantastic. You are so talented.”

And she also posted the following on Facebook:

“These books are absolutely fantastic, Sherrill sent us some and we cannot stop reading them, that includes me too. The messages in the books are fantastic. I love the way they read too. They just flow! Very easy to read. My grandbaby loves them too. Manner man is her absolute favorite and she goes to bed saying his motto, it is great!”

As the Holiday season approaches, please consider giving an award-winning book to children through the CureJM Fundraise website!  50% of the cost of the books goes directly to the CureJM Foundation.   CureJM Fundraiser Site

I received the following couple of notes from a mother who actually won two of my books for her daughter, each in a separate giveaway!!  (That’s pretty amazing!)    She had won The Magic Wordearlier this year, and just recently won Manner-Man.  I love hearing about the children’s reactions, so I wanted to share this:

“We received Manner Man a couple days ago.  My daughter loves it.  She has had us read it to her several times already.   She now says I need to win her Gimme-Jimmy. Lol. Thanks so much for your awesome book and the giveaway.  We really appreciate winning another of your books…

We are hoping to be settled into our new home by mid-October… I think Gimme-Jimmy will be a perfect home welcoming gift for Sofia.  She likes your Christmas book too.  Manner Mancontinues to be a favorite.  She takes it with her just about everywhere.”

If any other parents have stories to share, please do!

I received this great note from a grandmother about Manner-Man:

“Just want to tell you I need to get 2 badges, one for each of the grandboys. Every night they       were with me, I read the story, so they know it by heart almost. I need to get a copy for Avery’s teacher as well.  He thinks all the kids need to know the story!  It is awesome!! … Thank you!!!”

Please remember that I will send Manner-Man sticker badges upon request!!!

Her’s for her grandsons are now in the mail…

I received the cutest note from a grandmother, who has shared several of my books with her grandchildren, and who also gave her one of my business cards. She wrote:

“My granddaughter (age 7) was intrigued by your business card and said Elisabeth (from The Magic Word) is her favorite character in all your books.  I asked why, was it because she’s a girl?  and she answered well, mostly because she learns to be nice  🙂  We also talked about manners, how to greet the parents bringing two friends for a play date… so Manner Man lives on!

One of the Manner-Man Team!

One of the Manner-Man Team!





How cute is this?  A note from Elizabeth’s Blog about Peter and the Whimper-Whineys.

Her 2-yr old son is reading to his 3-week-old baby sister!!!:

Oh did you see our latest YouTube video? My son is reading what they call the “no whining book” to Alexis. 🙂 The kids love that book!




Madison's book!!

Madison’s book!!

I love the way this child loves this book!!

A note within a review of Gimme-Jimmy by Wild About Reading

“My favorite part is Jimmy’s New Polite Rule:

“To try to treat others as I’d like to be,
To try to see things the way others might see,
To try to be helpful, and do what is right,
And to try at all times to be very polite!”

The illustrations, as always, are excellent. I have used this in therapy with my young clients and one of my four year old clients now wants to read it every session. We say the polite rule and she chimes in very loudly the last word of every sentence. Great job, Ms Cannon”

How cute is this? – From Elizabeth’s Blog

I discovered these adorable photos on Elizabeth’s Blog, and wanted to share..”we received two gifts in the mail this past week! Two wonderful gifts from an author Sherrill S. Cannon. We have only read the first book “Peter and the Whimper-Whineys” so far and they absolutely love it! This book is perfect for my two girls who are 4 years old. I think we read it 4 times the first night and every night since. I haven’t shown them the second book yet but will very soon. Thanks so much Mrs. Cannon!

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Sherrill Cannon’s website and maybe even order a few of her books. They’re great!”

Winner of 6 Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

I received this wonderful response from one of my reviewers, which I am happy to share: “I could not be happier to have had the chance to read your wonderful book. I believe children everywhere should read them or have them read to them. The books are beautifully written and ones that should be treasured always. I have now passed the ones you sent me for review on to my 4 year old niece… Her mother has already read her the one about “The Magic Word” and said she was completely delighted. She now sleeps with the book under her pillow. You have a definite 4 year old fan!”

Another reviewer sent me this response from her 8-yr-old daughter, after reading The Magic Word:

“She is 8, but she read it and liked it. She likes to teach “school” to our dogs so even though she has started reading chapter books, picture books are perfect for dog school!! 😉
She reported that the dogs liked your books because they listened without barking or leaving “class”!! :)”
So please be sure to include your pets when you read my books to your children!

At the back of my latest book, Gimme-Jimmy, I have asked readers to let me know if they were able to find my other titles as well as Elisabeth from The Magic Word.

Please add a reply at the bottom of this page, and I will post the comment to this page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

One parent wrote:

Manner Man #1

One of the Manner-Man Team!

One of the Manner-Man Team!

“My girls LOVED reading Gimme-Jimmy this morning!!! …were so exited to see Elisabeth and the book covers hidden throughout the book!!! Great job!”
Another parent said that her child wondered if she would get a prize if she found the other covers and Elisabeth from The Magic Word.  I answered that I would give her credit here on my Children’s Comments page.  So congratulations, Kylie!  You are the first to find them!!!  I hope that I will be able to add many other names to this list!!

Addie of Addie’s Angels… Acknowledged in Gimme-Jimmy

Addie loves Gimme-Jimmy!

Addie loves Gimme-Jimmy!

Addie (of Addie’s Angels) is an eight year old child with a beautiful smile and a lot of courage.  Addie is fighting JDM (juvenile dermatomyositis) and is a little angel with a lot of heart.  I have mentioned her in Gimme-Jimmy as one of my prayer children for whom I wrote the book, and if you get a chance please visit her facebook page at Addie’s Angels – – and “like” it, so that she can add to her collection of beans.  She gets a new bean in her jar for every new angel that joins!  You could also offer a prayer that a cure will be found for this debilitating disease…so that Addie can live the full and happy life that she deserves!

SBG2(I have to add here that one of my favorite comments was from a parent of a child who read “Santa”s Birthday Gift” and said to her mother, “Now I get it!” )

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