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SBPRA just released a great Press Release for me, so wanted to post it here:

Contact: Ellen Green, Press Manager, Strategic Book Group –




Sherrill S. Cannon’s Award-Winning Children’s Books

Will be Featured at International Book Expos in 2012

In less than two years, Sherrill S. Cannon, award-winning grandmother of nine, has had three books published that garnered a total of eight prestigious national awards. Her fourth book, Gimme-Jimmy, has just been released and shows as much award-winning potential. This retired teacher-turn-author from Great Bend, Pennsylvania writes children’s stories that teach valuable lessons, hidden within fun-filled rhymes and colorful characters.

All four of Cannon’s books will be featured by Strategic Book Publishing at all 2012 International Book Expos (see locations at the end of this press release).


Winner of 6 Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

What’s The Magic Word Every Child Should Know?


The Magic Word won the 2011 NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award, Dan Poynter’s Global e-Book Finalist Award, the Gold Winner for Concept in the Readers Favorite Award and was just awarded Second Place in the 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards.

The book lets you know The Magic Word that every child should know to make friends. This wonderful rhyming story will have your kids saying “please” buy them the book! 




A Special Holiday Gift for All


Santa’s Birthday Gift won the 2011 Indie Excellence Finalist Award and was the Silver Winner in Fables for K-3rd Grade in the Readers Favorite Award.

Learn the true meaning of Christmas. This cleverly written rhyming book reveals Santa’s adventures right into the heart of Bethlehem, where he meets Baby Jesus in the manger.  Santa makes a promise to Jesus to bring gifts to good boys and girls each year on Jesus’ birthday.



No One Likes a Whiner!

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys was the Bronze Winner in Fables for K-3rd Grade in the 2011 Readers Favorite Award and was a USA Best Books Award Finalist.

This is a children’s book to help parents cope with whining and complaining children, disguised as a fun story. Peter is a very small rabbit whose mother warns him that if he cannot stop whining, he will have to go live with the Whimper-Whineys in the woods. And no one wants to do that!



Winner of 5 Awards

Winner of 5 Awards




How a Bully Learns to Share


Her wonderful new book, Gimme-Jimmy, begins:  “James Alexander’s nickname was Jim, but nobody would be friends with him. No one wanted to play with Jimmy, for Jim Alexander always said, ‘Gimme.’ ”

Imagine what happens when every time Jimmy the bully says the word “Gimme,” his hand begins to grow larger! How can he ever turn the situation around? Would being polite help?





THE MAGIC WORD (ISBN: 978-1-60976-909-3, $12.50,) SANTA’S BIRTHDAY GIFT (ISBN: 978-1-60860-824-9, $11.50,) PETER AND THE WHIMPER-WHINEYS (ISBN: 978-1-60911-517-3, $13.00) and GIMME-JIMMY (ISBN: 978-1-61897-267-5, $13.00) and MANNER-MAN (ISBN: 978-1-62212-478-7) are also available as e-Books and all editions can be ordered through the publisher’s website at or at or  

About the Author:

SSC13 copySherrill S. Cannon enjoys the creative process and says her goal in each book is to teach good manners and caring for others. She lives in the Binghamton area in Upstate New York with her husband of over 50 years. They both enjoy traveling the country with her husband in an RV, going from coast to coast to visit their children and grandchildren, and sharing her books along the way. She tends to think in rhyme …

WHOLESALERS: These books are distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors. Contact your representative with the ISBN for purchase. Wholesale purchase for retailers, universities, libraries, and other organizations is also available through the publisher; please email


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  1. Brenda Chaput

    Hi Sherrill,

    This site looks great! Everything is nice about it. Your books are colorful and clear. So glad SBPRA is your publisher. Best of luck on all of your tours.

    Sincere regards,
    Brenda Chaput/sbpra author



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