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Top 13 Children’s Books include Manner-Man and Gimme-Jimmy! Thank you eTeachersHub



Manner-Man 10 Awards

Manner-Man 10 Awards

So thrilled to discover that both Gimme-Jimmy and Manner-Man have made the eTeachersHub list of the Top 13 Children’s Books!  Included is a really cute video of a young reader reading part of Manner-Man…

Top 13 Children’s Books for Young Readers – eTeachershub!

Video:  https://youtu.be/ww00vKg9Rps

Manner-Man Wins CLIPP Award for Grades K-2

Manner-Man Winner of the CLIPP Award K-2!!!

Manner-Man Winner of the CLIPP Award K-2!!!

I am thrilled to announce that Manner-Man has won the 2014 CLIPP Award for Grades K-2.  This contest has Finalists selected by teachers, and then the Winner is selected by principals… I love sharing my books with children…that’s what it’s all about!

Link to Announcement: http://www.clippaward.com/2014-winning-books/

2014 Winning Books
The Children’s Literature Independently Published Principals’ Award proudly announces that:

Manner Man WINNER in the Grades K-2 Category:

Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon

Manner-Man is a super hero who teaches children to share, be polite and make friends. Manner-man shows up and helps resolve conflicts. Book clearly lays out “polite rules” for kids to follow and addresses bullying situations and ways to deal with them.

22 pages, soft cover Author: Sherrill S. Cannon Illustrator: Kalpart

Praise from judges:

“A useful book for parents, teachers and kids. Clear and compelling.” Jean Marzollo, author of the I Spy book series

“The rhyming and repetitive nature of the text was entertaining – kids will love it!” Mary Beth Gaertner, Elementary School Principal, Tomball, Texas

“What child doesn’t love super heros? Both my 4 an 8 year olds loved this book! It teaches an easy to remember way to stand up to someone being mean for common issues kids encounter.” Jessica Johnson, Elementary School Principal, Wisconson

Lovely 5-Star Review for Manner-Man from Valerie Allen titled “Do Unto Others”

Manner-Man a Kids' Superhero!

Manner-Man a Kids’ Superhero!

“Sherrill Cannon did a fine job with this book about good manners and anti bullying. She created a believable super hero for youngsters, who is one of the good guys. Manner-Man teaches children how to confront issues and deal with them successfully. The underlying message, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” will appeal to parents, grandparents, teachers, and those working with young children. Written in rhyme, the chorus verse will be enjoyed and repeated by kids. The illustrations by Kalpart are delightful and attractive to kids. Overall, a good book to have in any youngsters collection.”

Valerie is also putting Manner-Man on display that the Meet the Authors’ Book Fair on November 22-23 in Melbourne, FL…  More about this Book Fair can be found at authorsforauthors.com

Please Help Stop Bullying!

Bully Bear loves Manner-Man

Bully Bear loves Manner-Man

Bullying can be stopped at an early age.  All of my award-winning books are part of a Fundraiser for the imbullyfree organizaion.  50% of the cost of the books goes to imbullyfree.  Do you have a small child, age 3-8, who needs to be reminded of how to show consideration for others, and how to help stop bullying?

Please take a look at the website: http://sbpra.com/imbullyfree

Read about Manner-Man, the superhero who helps kids deal with bullying, and Gimme-Jimmy who is a bully who learns to share, and The Magic Word where Elisabeth learns the words “Please ” and “Thank you” and how to use them everyday…Peter and the Whimper-Whineys deals with Whimper-Whiney bullies, and teaches children how annoying whining can be…

Nice 5-Star Review for Manner-Man from Rockin’ Books Reviews!



Please take a look at the wonderful 5-Star review on the Rockin’ Books website

Rockin’ Books Review of Manner-Man

LA Wonder also mentions  “Be Sure to View my Interview With Sherrill S. Cannon on Saturday, November 2, 2013 on this sitehttp://www.rockinbookreviews.com