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Cute Review of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, featured on Kidsbook Friends

Winner of 7 Awards

Winner of 7 Awards

Great Review of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece from Kidsbook Friends

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, “Fingers + Paints= Masterpieces”
by hendersonintraining

A book that inspires kids to do art and crafts is a book to read often. Such is the case with My Fingerpaint Masterpiece. The first question out of my kids’ mouths when we’re done reading this rhyming picture books is, “Can we paint now too?” The answer is “Absolutely”. Enjoy a creative book for such a wide range of ages.

Introducing Our Featured Friend: My Fingerpaint Masterpiece
by Sherrill S. Cannon

When Ms. Gallagher’s class created their own fingerpaintings, Jimmy tried to paint his dog, but wasn’t quite sure what it looked like. On his way home, the print flew out of his hand and the wind carried it into The Rainbow Connection, an art dealer’s store. Already late for home, Jimmy decided to let it go and try to beat oncoming rain. Much to his surprise, the following week, he discovered his fingerpainting framed and in the art exhibit! Jimmy was even more surprised when the judges not only stopped to study his piece, but also picked his print as the winner.

The crowd began saying what they thought they saw in the picture . . . “the sun, a bird, a flower, a frog” . . . until finally Jimmy shouted out “No, it’s really my dog.” But they didn’t see a dog and they didn’t see a signature! No one believed that a child could really win a real art contest. But, Jimmy and Ms. Gallagher’s class know the truth.

“We like my painting and so do the kids,
But my print should be hanging at home on our fridge.
They think a real artist hung it in the show!!”
And if ever you need me to prove this is so,
Just come to my town and you know what you’ll see?
My masterpiece print in the art gallery!!!

Inviting You To Become FRIENDS with Jimmy:
A Little Lesson Plan for School, Home, or Story Time

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

F- How do you feel when someone likes your artwork?

R- Can you relate to Jimmy when we wasn’t quite sure what he created in his finger painting?

I- Imagine that you could enter any artwork in a contest. Which of your prints would you select? If you don’t have one done yet, what would you like to paint?

E- Explore Ed Emberley’s Complete FunPrint Drawing Book and discover creative animals, objects, flowers, figures, and more that you can make with your fingers and paint:

Fingerprint Artist’s Stamp Pad
http://www.lakeshorelearning.com Fingerprint Artist’s Stamp Pad

N- Navigate your way through one of our favorite sites for art ideas:

D- Develop your own art gallery in your room to display your favorite masterpieces. You could even organize a neighborhood art show!

S- Share your art by making finger paint masterpieces into cards for your friends for occasions like birthdays. A homemade card is a true treasure.

Enjoy Sherrill S. Cannon’s Books at: http://sbpra.com/sherrillscannon/
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Thank you, Angela!

Two of my Favorite Fans!

The Manner-Man Salute!!

The Manner-Man Salute!!

My Jr. Reviewer, Cassie, and her adorable niece Ashlyn (4)

Cassie and Ashlyn

Cassie and Ashlyn

(who is giving the Manner-Man salute!)

They love my new book – and I love THEM!!!

Great Review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys! Remember, Easter is coming soon – and Peter is a Rabbit!

Thank you to Naila Moon for this awesome review!!!

Whine-Stopper!  Happy Easter!!

Whine-Stopper! Happy Easter!!

“In a house in the forest all covered with vines, Lived a very small rabbit who did nothing but whine.” Thus begins the rhymed story of Peter and the Whimper-Whineys. Peter’s mother warns him that if he cannot stop whining and crying, he’ll have to go live with the Whimper-Whineys. His adventure continues as he later hops into the woods and finds lots of frightening Whimper-Whineymen! He discovers that the Whimper-Whineys are very ill-mannered and rude, and that everything is sour in Whimper-Whineland. He decides his mother was right…If only he can get back home…!

My review:
I think if there was one book to read to children about being whiney, this is it! I loved the re-hashed family story that the author put her own spin to. Apparently, this story had been told by her own mother many times over, the author simply put it to rhyme. She did that very well, I might add.

This story is meant to be a “moral” story making note of consequences for ones actions. I was totally immersed! Even being adult, I got it and kids would too.

The illustrations were top notch which is quite interesting since they were all in dark and muted colors for most of the book. This may seem odd for a children’s book but actually it is quite purposeful in this case and worked well.

Every kid, everywhere, needs to read this book. 5 stars without a doubt!

Lorilyn Roberts shares some feedback from her trip to Nepal

IMG_1504 copyMy books have arrived in Nepal, to be shared with the orphans there…  Lorilyn Roberts, founder of the John 3:16 Network, has traveled there to donate books and to read to the children.  Many wonderful authors donated books for the trip.

Lorilyn writes:

“I have much to say about my amazing time here in Nepal. Will be teaching Sunday school to the 8 to 10 year olds. Will have the best opportunity to share today our books when I will meet the most children. Will write more later today The kids read amazingly well…”

I'm glad I included my cards!

I’m glad I included my cards!

“One thing that struck me is the difference the private education is making for the adopted kids in the Child Hope International homes. The children in the homes are very fluid in speaking English and reading books, and not just beginning books, but at a pretty high level. Today at church, kids not sponsored by Child Hope International could barely understand English. Ram had said the public education was not very good, and I could see the stark contrast. I have no doubt that the children who are learning English will thoroughly enjoy the books we brought… No doubt, the children who were orphaned and who have been adopted by the families in the Child Hope International program have been given an amazing opportunity to rise above their circumstances and do something with their life they would never have had an opportunity to receive any other way. The kids we met are happy, delightful, and smart. It’s amazing what opportunity does for kids who only need to be given that opportunity.”

Another Press Release… Please help me share my books with children!

IMG_1565 - Version 2Here’s a new Press Release…!  Please help share!!

New Press Release

Sherrill S. Cannon, a resident of New Hope, PA, has just won the CLIPPA Principal’s Award for Children K-2, for her book, Manner-Man. Teachers and principals throughout the U.S judge this contest. This is the 10th award for Manner-Man, bringing the author’s total number of awards for her six books to 28. Her newest book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, recently won the Gold Medal for Children K-3 in the Readers’ Favorite International Awards, and also received an Illustration Award – the only children’s book to win both a Gold Medal and Illustration Award.

A former teacher, mother of four and a grandmother of ten, most of her books try to teach something like good manners and consideration for others.  (Once a teacher, always a teacher…) All of her books are also part of a fundraiser for the anti-bullying campaign at imbullyfree.org.  This site is http://sbpra.com/imbullyfree and 50% of the cost of her books goes directly to the imbullyfree organization.  Manner-Man is now the Superhero for the Bully Bear kids!!  All of her books are also part of another fund-raising effort at http://sbpra.com/curejm/ for the CureJM Foundation, to help find a cure for Juvenile Myositis, an incurable children’s disease. Since many children with CureJM are also bullied, it is a win-win for both causes!  She is also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children, which have been produced in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as well as Australia, Austria, Botswana, Cambodia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates (so far). Each year, she and her husband of 54 years travel from coast to coast in their RV, sharing her books along the way!

Her books are available at many local bookstores as well as on-line, and she does quite a few book events including another one scheduled for November 12th at the Buckingham (PA) Elementary School. Her other award-winning books include The Magic Word, Gimme-Jimmy, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys and Santa’s Birthday Gift. One reviewer has called her “a modern day Dr. Seuss”. Her website is http://www.sherrillcannon.com

Manner-Man Wins CLIPP Award for Grades K-2

Manner-Man Winner of the CLIPP Award K-2!!!

Manner-Man Winner of the CLIPP Award K-2!!!

I am thrilled to announce that Manner-Man has won the 2014 CLIPP Award for Grades K-2.  This contest has Finalists selected by teachers, and then the Winner is selected by principals… I love sharing my books with children…that’s what it’s all about!

Link to Announcement: http://www.clippaward.com/2014-winning-books/

2014 Winning Books
The Children’s Literature Independently Published Principals’ Award proudly announces that:

Manner Man WINNER in the Grades K-2 Category:

Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon

Manner-Man is a super hero who teaches children to share, be polite and make friends. Manner-man shows up and helps resolve conflicts. Book clearly lays out “polite rules” for kids to follow and addresses bullying situations and ways to deal with them.

22 pages, soft cover Author: Sherrill S. Cannon Illustrator: Kalpart

Praise from judges:

“A useful book for parents, teachers and kids. Clear and compelling.” Jean Marzollo, author of the I Spy book series

“The rhyming and repetitive nature of the text was entertaining – kids will love it!” Mary Beth Gaertner, Elementary School Principal, Tomball, Texas

“What child doesn’t love super heros? Both my 4 an 8 year olds loved this book! It teaches an easy to remember way to stand up to someone being mean for common issues kids encounter.” Jessica Johnson, Elementary School Principal, Wisconson