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Lovely 5-Star Review for Manner-Man from Valerie Allen titled “Do Unto Others”

Manner-Man a Kids' Superhero!

Manner-Man a Kids’ Superhero!

“Sherrill Cannon did a fine job with this book about good manners and anti bullying. She created a believable super hero for youngsters, who is one of the good guys. Manner-Man teaches children how to confront issues and deal with them successfully. The underlying message, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” will appeal to parents, grandparents, teachers, and those working with young children. Written in rhyme, the chorus verse will be enjoyed and repeated by kids. The illustrations by Kalpart are delightful and attractive to kids. Overall, a good book to have in any youngsters collection.”

Valerie is also putting Manner-Man on display that the Meet the Authors’ Book Fair on November 22-23 in Melbourne, FL…  More about this Book Fair can be found at authorsforauthors.com

Nice Review by Naila Moon for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

See Art with your Heart

See Art with your Heart

Naila Moon gave My Fingerpaint Masterpiece a “5 hand painted stars” rating – and even provided a video review.

Naila Moon Review

Here is the review she left on amazon

I initially reviewed this book via YouTube but I cannot add the link here which is unfortunate. (Hint, go look under her name on Goodreads and you will find it.)
So, what to say…
Ah, buy this book! Seriously! As I said in the title, it is worth every penny and ounces of paint you can find.
I loved this book. The whole book is written in rhyme. So often books attempting rhyme falls flat but not Sherrill Cannon’s book. Her use of imagery is fantastic. To add to the already adorable-ness of this book are the illustrations. The brightness and realness of them is by far worth it all.

I particularly loved the one page where the judge is looking sideways. That reminded me of being in art galleries and looking at art sideways with total wonderment. The expressions on the people’s faces are priceless too.
There is also secrets in this book that I am not going to reveal here.

If this is not enough, the book also recently won the Pinnacle Award for Book Excellence. If you are not familiar with the award, let me tell you that it is a big deal.

As I said, buy the book and find out for yourself.
5 handpainted stars from me!

~Naila Moon

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece – Acknowledgements

This is my Acknowledgements section for My Fingerpaint MasterpieceimageThank you to all of you for all that you do to help me share my books!


 Thank you as always to my publisher SBPRA  – especially Robert, Kait and Lynn

And also to Ellen, Denise, Suzann, Felicia, Kim, Lee, and Roger

Special thanks to my Junior Reviewers:  Addie, Alexandra, Brenna and Cassandra

Love and Hugs to Alyssa, Daisy, Jordy, Katie, Matthew, and Maya – as well as Eldon and Tristan –        and Alaina and Ashlyn too!

With gratitude to those who continue to help me share my books with others:

Shari, Tertia, Donna, Barbara, Rosalie, Amy, Julian, and Pat

Thanks to my family: Kim, Cailin, Paulo, Kerry, John, Kell, Steph, KC, Christy, Megan

A picture’s worth… Santa’s Birthday Gift is a Hit!

Santa's Birthday Gift is a hit!

Santa’s Birthday Gift is a hit!

I have a new Giveaway going as part of the nice interview on Crystals Tiny Treasures blog.

Here is the link to the interview and giveaway: Crystals Tiny Treasures Interview and Review of Santa’s Birthday Gift


CureJM Foundation – How did I get involved? Thank SBPRA!!!

AddieMMI was asked how I got involved with the CureJM Foundation, and I thought this would be a good time to offer that information – and especially to thank my publisher SBPRA for making it possible!!

The short answer is that I looked at the Addie’s Angels FB page because a fellow children’s author (Rita Vetsch) is related to Addie… and I was hooked!

The slightly longer answer is that I had never even heard of Juvenile Myositis, and was astounded that in this day and age there was a children’s incurable disease that was so ignored! There are so many charity organizations focusing on cancer and tumors, etc. – why was no one doing anything about these children suffering from something for which there was no cure, mainly because it didn’t seem important enough to look for one! That’s WRONG! So I decided that perhaps we could run a fundraiser, using my books, to help these children…

So now I really have to give a lot of credit to my publisher, SBPRA and its CEO Robert Fletcher. They not only set it up for me and provided the great video of Addie, but they also handle all the bookkeeping to collect funds and send checks to the CureJM Foundation, etc.  I had been running an earlier fundraiser for WCEF (Women’s Economic Council Foundation) in Tennessee, benefiting programs and scholarships for girls and women. I asked the CEO if we could set one up for CureJM, and thanks to Shari Hume and the CureJM Foundation we were able to get it up and running.

Now, the more I learn about these remarkable, resilient children, the more I want to help! I sent extra books to Addie to take with her to donate to the hospital when she was going in for more treatment, and then when she had another “bout” I asked her mother if it would help if I put her name in my next book (Gimme-Jimmy) – which progressed to not only including her name but letting her be one of the illustrated characters (which was a BIG surprise) in Manner-Man. So now I have asked both Addie and Cassandra to be Junior Reviewers for my 2014 book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece. (You’ll have to wait until the book is near release, before I share their reviews!!!) And this is why I also include the names of any children whose loved ones purchase books through the CureJM Fundraiser site in my next book. If it makes these children happy, then I am all for it!!!

So perhaps this is more than you wanted to know, but please know this: I “suffer” from empathy, and I wish I could do more…I love each of these children I come to know, and I keep them in my prayers… I am still trying to get recognition from the Ellen Show, and some of the major networks, to get the story out. If anyone “knows” anyone, then please share… Let’s find a cure!  (And, if possible, please share this with your friends…)

Here is the link to the CureJM Fundraising site:  http://sbpra.com/curejm

Here is the link to Addie’s Video from last year… she is still looking for a cure!  Addie’s YouTube Video

Booksigning at “Canterbury Tales Forever” Bookstore – in Peddler’s Village!

cropped-sherrillheader11.pngI’m delighted to share the news that I’ve been invited to have a booksigning event at Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA on Sunday, November 24th from 1-4, at the Canterbury Tales Forever Bookstore.   It is on the weekend that Santa arrives for the children, and it will be fun to have Santa’s Birthday Gift available (as well as Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, The Magic Word, Gimme-Jimmy and Manner-Man!)

Especially fun for me, since I used to be the Company Manager for the Peddler’s Village Dinner Theatre for eight years, when it was in existence about twenty years ago.  A lot has changed, but the quaint flavor of Peddler’s Village, with all it’s great restaurants, small stores and major Outlet stores remains the same.

If you’re anywhere nearby, please stop by!!  (It’s located near New Hope, PA in Bucks County – Philly suburbs)

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys on List of Sales in China!

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys Sold in China

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys Sold in China

So much fun to see Peter and the Whimper-Whineys on the royalty report from JD.com for sales in China!

SBPRA First Royalty Report

China Sales!

China Sales!

Message on the CureJM Fundraiser site from a loving grandmother…

I have been given permission to share this lovely message left on the CureJM Fundraiser site by Sheila, grandmother of Daisy who was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis.

“My granddaughter, Daisy Emma Prescott, was diagnosed in February of this year with JDM. She is in the middle of an aggressive treatment plan that is greatly affecting her life. I am an involved grandmother with Cure JM and my daughter, Kristen Prescott, is also involved with Cure JM, in addition to caring for Daisy. This has rocked our world and changed our lives. In addition to the pain there are many of blessings though and we choose to continue to search for these. God bless you and thank you for your contributions to help find a cure! We would be honored and would love to have Daisy’s name in one of your books.”

Please help us find a cure.  50% of the cost of my books purchased through the CureJM Fundraiser site goes to the CureJM Foundation.    http://sbpra.com/CureJM


Meet my new Junior Reporter, Cassandra Calkins

This was posted on FB this morning, to my delight!  It is from Cassandra Calkins:

Junior Reviewer

Junior Reviewer

I AM NOW GOING TO BE SHERRILL CANNON’S NEW JUNIOR REVIEWER. I AM SUPER THRILLED. PLEASE FOR THE HOLIDAY, GO PURCHASE SOME OF HER BOOKS…THEY SERVE SO MANY GREAT PURPOSES. Sherrill sent Ashlyn and I some of her books and they are really fantastic. Even at 15 years old they were enjoyable. My mom and I love to read them to Ashlyn who is 3 because they are really fun to read. As my mom says, they just flow. They all have great meanings. Please remember the on-going CureJM Fundraiser at http://sbpra.com/curejm where 50% of the cost of Sherrill award-winning children’s books goes to the CureJM Foundation. Purchasers can also leave a name to be included in my next children’s book to be released in 2014! Please help us find a cure!!!

CureJM Fundraiser

PS – I have also asked the following children to be Junior Reviewers for my newest book, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece:  Addie Christensen, and Alexandra & Brenna Powelson!  It is so nice to have their input.