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Lovely Review of Santa’s Birthday Gift by Laura Davis

What Santa Gives...not Gets

What Santa Gives…not Get

I received this lovely review of Santa’s Birthday Gift from reviewer and author Laura Davis and want to share:

Please click here for review:  Santa’s Birthday Gift Review by Laura Davis

Santa’s Birthday Gift by author Sherrill S. Cannon is a book I wish my kids could have had as children.

Two Christmas stories are combined in one beautiful little book that is sure to become a traditional read at Christmas time for many families.

The author has created a delightful story that is both poignant and magical, keeping the real meaning of Christmas alive and answering the questions, who is Santa Claus and what does he have to do with the real meaning of Christmas?

This rhyming book takes Santa on an adventure from a simple toy maker to a star follower. He follows the star right into Bethlehem where he meets the baby Jesus. When he sees that gifts are being given to Jesus, he wants to give his most precious gifts too – toys! When he discovers something magical about his Christmas sack, he vows to bring toys to every child in the world in honour of the newborn King.

This book is a Reader’s Favorite Winner and an Indie Excellent Finalist and one you are sure to enjoy with your children each and every Christmas.

Nice Note from a Parent about Santa’s Birthday Gift…

What Santa gives, not gets!

What Santa gives, not gets!

Nice note from a parent about Santa’s Birthday Gift!

I absolutely love Santa’s Birthday Gift. What a way to bring the two traditions together. You have such a way with words, it is like magic. Ashlyn would NEVER sit for a book before and now she actually begs me to read. If you would know Ashlyn, she is about as ADHD as any child can be so this is HUGE! I LOVE YOU and YOUR BOOKS. THANK YOU so much. It is like a gift on its own.

Booksigning at “Canterbury Tales Forever” Bookstore – in Peddler’s Village!

cropped-sherrillheader11.pngI’m delighted to share the news that I’ve been invited to have a booksigning event at Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA on Sunday, November 24th from 1-4, at the Canterbury Tales Forever Bookstore.   It is on the weekend that Santa arrives for the children, and it will be fun to have Santa’s Birthday Gift available (as well as Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, The Magic Word, Gimme-Jimmy and Manner-Man!)

Especially fun for me, since I used to be the Company Manager for the Peddler’s Village Dinner Theatre for eight years, when it was in existence about twenty years ago.  A lot has changed, but the quaint flavor of Peddler’s Village, with all it’s great restaurants, small stores and major Outlet stores remains the same.

If you’re anywhere nearby, please stop by!!  (It’s located near New Hope, PA in Bucks County – Philly suburbs)

Great review of Santa’s Birthday Gift by Rockin’ Book Reviews

What Santa gives, not gets!

What Santa gives, not gets!

Delight your young ones with this delectable tale of Santa’s gift to baby Jesus. Sherrill brings a sensational perspective of the connection between Christ’s Birth and Santa’s giving. She does it all through profound rhyming.

This is a great way for all Christian families to implement the importance of Christ’s birth without removing the tradition of Santa Claus out of the equation.

The book cover says it all! It is very felicitous and appealing. The title is equally appropriate.

What a wonderful way to begin the Holiday season!

I am delighted to review this book with a Five Stars rating.