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Review of “The Magic Word” from Sheri Fink, author of “The Little Rose”

The Magic Word

The Magic Word

I just received a cute review from Sheri Fink, author of “The Little Rose” (another book you should read!)

Adorable Book with an Important Message, February 23, 2012

“The Magic Word” by Sherrill Cannon is an adorable children’s book that helps teach the importance of manners. Following a fun and creative rhyming scheme, the book flows smoothly and effectively teaches the magic words “thank you” and “please.”
Kids will relate to the characters and will want to read it again and again. I really enjoyed it!Global eBook Finalist

2011 Gold MedalPinnacleAchievementAward

5th Published Play – ABC December – now available at Lazy Bee Scripts!

I am happy to announce that my fifth play (co-authored with my daughter) ABC December is now available at Lazy Bee Scripts.

This is obviously meant to be performed in the month of December!  It is designed to be for an elementary school classroom presentation, with suggested songs listed, and requires little costuming or props except what is provided by the performers themselves.  Please take a look!

Interview on Sylvia Ramsey’s Blog

I had a lovely blog interview with Sylvia Ramsey – Please see the link below. 

Thank you, Sylvia!

It is “Visiting with Sherrill Cannon – Award Winning Children’s Author and Playwright”…/visiting-with-sherrill…