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I love this comment…

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!

Thank you for this comment, Donna… This means more to me than I can say…This is what it’s all about!!!

“…We love you. You gave us a 3 year old child that wants to read books with us. Until we had your books, she would not sit down to read any book. Now Ashlyn comes up and begs us to read the books to us. Thank you again.”

“Santa’s Birthday Gift”…What Santa gives, not gets!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yes, I know Christmas is not yet here, and we all have lots to be thankful for, and I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!…

But the birth of Jesus is something we are all thankful for also, and it makes Thanksgiving even more special to anticipate what is coming next!

So as Christmas approaches,  I thought I’d share once more the Santa’s Birthday Gift YouTube trailer, reminding everyone of the reason for the season…

(After I read the story of the Nativity to my grandchild, she asked, “But where’s Santa?”  which inspired this story…)

Please click to watch the video:  Santa’s Birthday Gift Video

Cassandra Calkins…Awesome!

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!

Ashlyn with Aunt Cassandra, my Junior Reviewer!!



Thanks Cassandra, for being such a wonderful role-model for your niece, but also for setting such a outstanding example of what a teenager can accomplish, even suffering with Juvenile Myositis and Juvenile Arthritis… She has such a positive outlook on life!  She is also quite a talented dancer in spite of her arthritis, and her group’s presentation at the school football game was awesome!

Please take a look at her Facebook Page, especially her bio about her diseases:

You will be amazed!  (PS – She is also one of my Junior Reviewers!)

The Alphabet Trip is now available on Lazy Bee Scripts!

Lazy Bee Scripts

Lazy Bee Scripts

My seventh published play is now available on Lazy Bee Scripts:

The Alphabet Trip by Sherrill S. Cannon

This is a play for the very young (kindergarteners and/or first graders) and each child has at least one line.  There are suggested songs to go with the performance as well.

Please take a look if you get a chance…

My six other children’s plays are available on the site as well – all for elementary school student productions…  Enjoy!!!