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Reminder – Giveaway for My Little Angel on Reader Views

My Little Angel – 3 Awards

The My Little Angel giveaway for January is almost over… Go to the Reader Views site for a chance to win!!

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A Penny for Your Thoughts now a Giveaway on Goodreads

Feelings Into Words

A Penny for Your Thoughts is now a Giveaway on Goodreads.

I hope some of you will enter the contest – and I hope all of you will consider purchasing a copy!!  Please also let me know if any of you would like an eBook copy in exchange for an honest review…

And please let me know if you have a favorite poem!!

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Reader Views Posts an Awesome 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Reader Views Review

I am so happy to receive this lovely review from Reader Views…  I’m posting the “Overall” first, since it means a lot to me:

Overall, “A Penny for Your Thoughts” by Sherrill S. Cannon is a remarkable, inspiring compilation of thoughts and poems which will captivate all type of readers as they relate deeply with the simple life messages and heartfelt feelings shared by the author. It is a five star little book that will touch the person within, and one I will surely re-visit and share over and over again.


Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. (2017)
ISBN 9781946540560
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/18)

“A Penny for Your Thoughts” by Sherrill S. Cannon is a compilation of poems in different forms. I have seen and loved the author’s work in children rhymes, so was eager to explore this new side of Sherrill Cannon’s writing.

The content of this book reflects feelings which we all might have encountered on different occasions and within different stage of our lives. Cannon organized her poems in three major groups that encases feelings of ‘Heads – Love and Friendship,’ ‘Spinning – Of Related Emotions,’ and ‘Tails – of Heartache and Anguish.’ At the same time it represents the flight of a tossed penny.

In my opinion the tossed penny represents the randomness of our feelings in a life time. I found all forms of verse, sonnets and play words awesome, and truly loved her rhymes. The messages within her words were not only deep; they are so relatable to anyone. Although I can’t really pick a favorite as I loved all of them, there was one that touched me to my core. I quote it below as I believe it to be the perfect example of the author’s skill of expressing complex deep messages, while making them feel natural, harmonious and simple:


Life sketches echoes of the past

Across her face: lines around her eyes

And mouth, furrows on her forehead – cast

In permanent parchment. The creases so disguise

The woman still inside, no one can see

The little child or lovely maid within.

The mind that looks on life so eagerly

Is hidden by the wrinkles of the skin.

For what is youth, but just a state of mind –

A way to look on life – to stay aware?

And who can say what love that one could find,

If one could know the person hidden there;

The youthful laughing girl who lives inside…

And cannot understand why she’s denied.’

Overall, “A Penny for Your Thoughts” by Sherrill S. Cannon is a remarkable, inspiring compilation of thoughts and poems which will captivate all type of readers as they relate deeply with the simple life messages and heartfelt feelings shared by the author. It is a five star little book that will touch the person within, and one I will surely re-visit and share over and over again.

Thank you so very much…My heart is smiling!

My Little Angel Giveaway at Reader Views

My Little Angel – 3 Awards

Reader Views is running a book giveaway this month, and My Little Angel is one of the books selected for the giveaway…

The offer can be found here: Reader Views Giveaway

Does your child have a Guardian Angel? Please share a day in the life of this little girl, while her little guardian angel Angela sits on her shoulder and keeps her safe and guides her throughout her various activities throughout her day.  This includes getting ready for school, crossing the street, being polite and kind to her friends, (and even sneezing into her elbow!), learning her lessons, fastening seatbelts while traveling, being aware of stranger-danger, praying for her pets, and reminding her constantly that she is loved.

Once again social values are emphasized in this latest illustrated children’s story by award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon.  Meet many of the classroom friends from her previous books, as little angel Angela guides this child throughout her day…

Wonderful Photos from Pakistan Thanks to Mahi Mishal

Santa’s Birthday Gift Arrives in Pakistan

Mahi Mishal asked me if I would share a copy of Santa’s Birthday Gift with her Sunday School in Pakistan, so I mailed a copy on Dec. 11th!  They have finally received the package, I have received these wonderful photos of the children…

Lovely Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts from Feathered Quill

“Quill says: A Penny for Your Thoughts is so much more than another compilation of poems; it is indeed a book of healing.”

“A Book of Healing”

I received this lovely review from Feathered Quill Book Reviews for A Penny for Your Thoughts, reviewed by Anita Lock:

“Award-winning author Sherrill Cannon has a knack for turning feelings into words in her latest book of poems on love and loss.

Cannon’s newest has been a long time in the making. A collection of one hundred plus poems geared for a wide range of ages (middle school on) who have experienced the joys and sorrows associated with love, Cannon’s writing reflects many, many years of creativity that didn’t just pile up in notebooks. According to her website, the former teacher applied her gift of wordsmithing to help others: “As a teacher, I used poetry to help counsel many troubled teens and friends, and have continued this pattern throughout the years.”

Now in book form, and appropriately divided into three poignant sections, Cannon invites readers to embrace her words of wisdom through this marvelous journey called life.

Subtitled Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words), Cannon goes a step further by adding Coin Toss? in her Table of Contents. Each carefully weighed section—Heads…Of Love and Friendship; Spinning—Of Related Emotions; and Tails…of Heartache and Anguish—begins to make sense…one poem at a time.

Keeping largely but not exclusively to first-person narrative, her first section centers on light issues, such as friends, lovers, parent and child relationships, God, music, and even the beloved Teddy Bear. But as she moves on to sections two and three, the timbre slowly darkens into areas of loss, such as loved ones moving away and death.

Cannon’s assortment of mellifluous poetry, many sprinkled with puns, is replete with free verse, blank verse, couplets, simple 4-line rhymes, alternating rhymes, quatrains, haiku, and concrete poems, just to name a few. Amid the bulk of Cannon’s work, though, are sonnets.

While the various poetic forms in A Penny for Your Thoughts do admirably to translate “feelings into words,” Cannon capitalizes upon her love theme by using a potent structure to verbalize this amorous mien: the Shakespearean sonnet.

Audiences familiar with The Bard’s works will immediately recognize how Cannon effectively captures the varied expressions of this commanding yet fickled four-letter word that is known as “love.” Perfect examples of the Shakespearean sonnet include “Music,” “Sonnet to Friendship,” and “The Road.”

(From “Music”)

“Stop and hear the music in your life— A melody for you to sing along; For it will soothe your heart and ease your strife. If you would only listen to its song…” Second to the Shakespearean sonnet usage is the Petrarchan. Examples include “A Memory,” “Tentative,” and “The Transplant.”

(From “Transplant”)

“It really wasn’t very long ago, My plant was set into this strange new ground Where everything was different. But it found That even in new sunlight, it could grow…”

There is no vulgarity. Every word spoken is straightforward, intentional, and from the heart. If the reader follows judiciously, he/she will discover that the poems provide plenty to ruminate on and are very therapeutic for those who have unresolved conflict.

Quill says: A Penny for Your Thoughts is so much more than another compilation of poems; it is indeed a book of healing.

For more information on A Penny for Your Thoughts, please visit the publisher’s website at:

Nice Request for The Magic Word

Enjoy (Please!)

I received the following email from a Marketing Group about The Magic Word:

Your book, The Magic Word, was evaluated and recommended by Professional Book Scouts. Book scouts has been asked by Traditional Publishers to review books that decision makers will be interested to take advantage and consider to buy the rights of the books. The book was on the top lists for Children’s Book genre and this is your opportunity since this was handpicked by a professional book scout. They reviewed thousands of Children’s books published from 2011 to 2016 and only 22 books were graded A. We have validated that your unique book has the potential and our goal for your book is to be recognized or acquired by specific decision makers like traditional publishers, International publishers, bookstores owners, libraries and schools  covering rights sales negotiation and distribution of content across all formats including translation, print, digital, audio, film and television, creating a true global event and who will be able to help you reach out to your target audience to increase returns. Not all books can join this international book fair. Only books who has been evaluated by book scouts and acquired a grade of A, are invited to this event.

Your book is sure to capture a lot of attention this coming 2018 Bologna International Book Fair in Bologna, Italy dedicated for Children’s Books.

I had to respond that my publisher, SBPRA, represents all my children’s books at all the International Fairs… but it was very nice to receive this lovely validation!!



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Nice New Year’s Review from Readers Favorite for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Pinnacle Award Winner

So pleased to receive the following lovely review for

A Penny for Your Thoughts from Reader’s Favorite:

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

“A Penny for Your Thoughts by Sherrill S. Cannon is a collection of one hundred and fifty-four poems on the theme of the many and varied aspects of love. Beautifully illustrated with black, grey and white sketches by KJ of Kalpart, Ms. Cannon explores love and friendship, related emotions, and heartache and anguish. The three sections comprise very different views of the title subject. Love and Friendship includes A Sign, a poem about the promise of spring. Related Emotions embraces work still more diverse, appealing to children, adult lovers, and citizens of an unenlightened world. Heartache and Anguish: cold, chill, barren, loss, tears, holocaust, and death. A Penny for Your Thoughts will appeal strongly to those who venture into reading poetry for the first time.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s poetry is mainly freestyle, but the contribution I found most intriguing and unexpected were the haikus. There is one called Autumn to be found in the Related Emotions section, and another entitled Grief towards the end. Fall, amongst the Heart and Anguish collection, is the cleverest, literally falling from “The geese are flying South again” to “S”, the point at the bottom of gradually shortening lines. Every reader will have their own favourites. Mine are A Poet’s Photograph, and Forever Love, which is appropriately in the last section; it is a heart-breaker that compares love to a butterfly, delicate and easily destroyed. A Penny for Your Thoughts is a true coffee-table book; it has a poem somewhere within it for everyone.”