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Great note about Manner-Man from a Grandmother!

Readers Favorite Finalist & Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner

Readers Favorite Finalist & Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner

I received this great note from a grandmother about Manner-Man:

“Just want to tell you I need to get 2 badges, one for each of the grandboys. Every night they    were with me, I read the story, so they know it by heart almost. I need to get a copy for Avery’s teacher as well.  He thinks all the kids need to know the story!  It is awesome!! … Thank you!!!”

Please remember that I will send Manner-Man sticker badges upon request!!!

Her’s for her grandsons are now in the mail…

SBPRA mentions Gimme-Jimmy’s Silver Global eBook medal in its Success Stories!

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

I received a nice recognition from SBPRA for Gimme-Jimmy’s Silver Global eBook medal…

SBPRA Success Stories

I also discovered that there are some other mentions there… SBPRA authors are doing well!!!

5-Star Review for Gimme-Jimmy by LAWonder…

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

5.0 out of 5 stars ‘Gimme-Jimmy’ – perfect to ecourage sharing and politeness,

August 16, 2013
By LAWonder 
This review is from: Gimme-Jimmy (Paperback)

Do you know anyone who has a problem with sharing? Do you know anyone who seems selfish? If so, this is the perfect book for them.

Jimmy is nicknamed, by the kids at school, Jimmy-Gimme because whatever he wants, he just says Gimme! He then takes it from wherever it is at OR from whoever has it!

His daddy tried to talk to him about it but Jimmy did not listen nor obey. However, one day Jimmy encountered a big problem…then bigger….then even Bigger!

This has a bit of the fantastic in it but it definitely gets the main point achieved. It is all accomplished through rhyme to enhance the child’s thoughts and direct them toward poetry. Rhyme is an easy way for children to learn and memorize.

The illustrations, by Kalpart, are truly wonderful and clear.

These are books which need to be in every pre-school and elementary school library. They should also be in every home where there are toddlers and young children.

Gimme-Jimmy wins Silver Medal in Global eBook Awards!

Wonderful email I just received from the 2013 Global eBook Awards…

Congratulations Silver Medal Winner of the 2013 Global Ebook Awards!

Gimme-Jimmy 4 Awards

Gimme-Jimmy 4 Awards

We can’t thank you enough for taking part in the awards this year and for the contribution of your incredible ebooks.  We enjoyed reading and evaluating your title…Now you can celebrate winning your award…

I am celebrating!!!