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Great Review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys by Sherrill S. Cannon

Patricia Kemp Blackmon gave me a terrific review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys on Goodreads and other sites!

06/25 Patricia Kemp Blackmon gave 5 stars to: Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

by Sherrill S. Cannon
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Once upon a time! There was a rabbit named Peter he had a bad habit. That habit was whining about everything. He let everything upset him so much he cried all the time. His mom was so tired of the his tantrums that she told him the Whimper Whineys were going to come get him to live with them if he didn’t mind his manners.

The author’s mother told this story to many children. Sherrill add rhymes to the story and put it in a book. I think she out did herself with this book. I enjoyed this one best out of all her books. It made me laugh because it almost sounded like it could be a rap. I pictured her sitting in a rocking chair rapping this story to kids and making whiney faces like Peter the whiney little rabbit.

I see this book becoming a real classic treasure . Your children will want to hear and read this story over and over again. If you have any whiners you must read them this book to them!

Most of Kalpart’s illustrations were on b lack background depicting night and the Whimper-Whineys characters in the illustrations were hilarious. The Kalpart team did a excellent job of illustrating the tale Sherrill had written.

I highly recommend this book!!

Shout-out from Donalisa Helsley of Wild About Reading

I had a lovely shout-out from Donalisa Helsley, author of the award-winning children’s book , The Day No One Played Together, as well as her new release, I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies. She is preparing two new releases as well and the covers are done by my illustrator, Kalpart!  She also has a wonderful blog, Wild About Reading, and also reviews books. In her “spare time” she is a social worker, not to mention the mother of two daughters…Angie Azur’s Interview of Donalisa Helsley

Here is what she said:

11. Why did you become a social worker?
I became a social worker so that I could help families and children make positive changes in their lives. I want to be a life changer!
12. What authors would you recommend to your readers?
Check out Gimme Jimmie by Sherrill Cannon. All of her books are wonderful ways to help your children learn good manners and life skills.
Here is the link to the blog by Angie Azur

Back to the Books Book-signing in Manitou Springs, CO

Back to the Books

Back to the Books

I had an awesome book-signing event at the Back to the Books bookstore in

Favorite Fan

Favorite Fan

Manitou Springs, CO – at least until about 1:00 when the wildfire was spotted in the forests above the town…  The town has since been evacuated, while the firefighters work in the above 100 degree heat to contain the fires…  But the morning was glorious, and the results of the book-signing very gratifying!

From the owner, Jon Renault:

June is coming to a close and the new Top 10 Best Seller list is out at I would like to send a special thanks out to Sherrill Cannon who stopped by for a book signing and finds all four of her books on the top 10 from just one day of sales.
Back to the Books Fans

Back to the Books Fans

Early Visitors

Early Visitors

My Youngest Fan

My Youngest Fan

Michigan Fans

Michigan Fans

5th Book – January 2013!

I have signed a contract for my 5th book to be released January 2013.  Stay tuned!!

It will be another book about consideration for others, incorporating both Elisabeth from “The Magic Word” and Jimmy, now called James, from “Gimme-Jimmy”, plus a couple of new characters…  all focusing on preventing bullying and encouraging good manners!

If you would like more information, or a brief  “sneak-peek”, please comment here with your email address, and I will reply privately to you!

I am SO looking forward to sharing this one with the children!!!

Gimme-Jimmy Book Giveaway on Mother Daughter Book Reviews!

Gimme-Jimmy Giveaway on Mother Daughter Book Reviews.

I had such a nice note from Renee: “Your books are really great and we really enjoyed them. Are you by any chance interested in doing a giveaway for any of your books, hosted on our site? (Open to U.S. and Canada). I probably should have asked you before, but as I read the third book you just sent, it confirms that I feel I can really stand behind your books and, in all sincerity, recommend them to family, friends, and followers of my blog. I only commit to doing giveaways for the books that my kids and I like the very best.”

The Magic Word’s Award accepted at BEA by Robert Fletcher, SBPRA CEO

Winner of 6 Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

I was so honored to discover that Robert Fletcher, CEO of SBPRA, accepted my Award for The Magic Word at the Indie Next Generation Award Ceremony at BEA in NYC.  This was the 5th Award for The Magic Word, which has also just won its 6th Award as a Finalist in the International Book Awards.

Award Ceremonies at BEA in NYC

“Also receiving an Indie Award was Sherrill S. Cannon, whose The Magic Word was named Finalist in the Children’s Picture Book category; this is the fifth major award for The Magic Word. With Cannon unable to attend the reception, SBPRA CEO Robert Fletcher accepted the honor in her stead.” Rob-at-Indies-w-medal

Meet Addie, acknowledged in Gimme-Jimmy, who is a little angel with a lot of heart!

Addie - My Prayer Child

Addie - My Prayer Child

Addie – My Prayer Child

Addie (of Addie’s Angels) is a seven year old child with a beautiful smile and a lot of courage.  Addie is fighting JDM (juvenile dermatomyositis) and is a little angel with a lot of heart.  I have mentioned her in Gimme-Jimmy as one of my prayer children for whom I wrote the book, and if you get a chance please visit her facebook page at Addie’s Angels – – and “like” it, so that she can add to her collection of beans.  She gets a new bean in her jar for every new angel that joins!  You could also offer a prayer that a cure will be found for this debilitating disease…so that Addie can live the full and happy life that she deserves!

Here is some information on this disease:

Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Juvenile Polymyositis are the most common forms of JM (Juvenile Myositis)- a rare autoimmune disease that affects approximately 17,000 children and adult. JM causes a variety of debilitating symptoms including: Muscle weakness and pain, Severe fatigue, Rashes, Swallowing and digestive difficulties, Lung and heart problems, Vasculitic ulcers,Calcinosis. Some children may experience a remission, while others will battle JM their entire life, and complications from this disease can prove fatal. Medication can help to alleviate the symptoms of Juvenile Myositis, but there is no known cure.

Thanks to my illustrator, Kalpart, for the cover with 6 award stickers for The Magic Word!

The Magic Word - 6 AwardsHere is the Kalpart version of The Magic Word with its 6 Award Stickers!  The actual stickers are really large, and I love this The Magic Word cover, so I will only put a couple of them on the outside of the actual book – and put the rest on the inside cover page.  If anyone would like stickers for their books, please let me know!

In 2011, The Magic Word won a Gold Medal Reader Favorites award, a Pinnacle Achievement Award, and a  Global eBook Finalist award.  In 2012, it won a Reader Views Second Place, an Indie Next Generation Finalist award and was an International Book Award Finalist.  Quite a wonderful 12 months!!!