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Storytime Pup reads The Magic Word…Please share!!

What is the Magic Word?

What is the Magic Word?

Storytime Pup is such a cute show for little ones… I’m pleased that The Magic Word is now available on the site!

The Golden Rule Nominated for the 2017 Global eBook Awards

Global eBook Nominee

Global eBook Nominee

Treat Others the Way You'd Like to be Treated

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

I am pleased to announce that The Golden Rule has been accepted as a 2017 Global eBook Nominee!  In order to be entered in this Global eBook contest, an entry has to be submitted and accepted by the Contest judges.


Nice Interview on Connie Huddleston’s Blog and Review of The Golden Rule

Treat Others the Way You'd Like to be Treated

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

Thank you for nice Interview and Review…

Connie’s Review:

“I have not read a picture book in many years, and it was a delight to see a well-illustrated book with a universal theme – kindness toward others. Cannon’s book begins with a mystery, a play on words, and ends with examples of how to “treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” Children of all sizes, shapes, and colors can find themselves in the illustrations. The rhyming cadence will help young readers learn new words. This is a book I can highly recommend to parents and teachers.”

Interview with Sherrill Cannon, award winning author of “The Golden Rule”:

What is the funniest thing a reader has ever told you?
I guess the occasion when after reading a book to a group of kindergarteners, when I asked for questions, a little girl waved her hand and when called upon, stood up and said “I have a pillow pet!” Suddenly about 50 more hands were waving in the air. Sensing a pattern, I asked, “How many of you have a pillow pet?” – and then we went on to other questions.

If you could be any occupation other than an author, what would you be and why?
A teacher – which I was for ten years! I still feel like a teacher when I write my stories for children because I want my books to demonstrate ways to show consideration for others, disguised as fun stories.

Do you ever laugh or cry while reading your own books? Explain!
I write rhyming children’s books and read them to children, but I can’t say that ever causes either laughter or tears…

What is the last children’s book you read? Why did you read it?
Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk by Ann (Ana) Morris for a review. (5-stars, in case you are interested.)

If your latest book (or any book) was made into a movie, who would play the main character?
Manner-Man – the main character would be my grandson! He’s the one who asked me to write a story about a Superhero. He’s also the main character (caricature) in the book.

Who wrote your favorite book, the one you have read over and over again?
Dr. Seuss – Horton Hatches the Egg

The Link to the Interview: Connie Huddleston Interview

Connie is the Award-Winning Author of Greg’s First Adventure in Time as well as Greg’s Second Adventure in Time

Another 5-Star Review for The Golden Rule

Treat Others the Way You'd Like to be Treated

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

Thank you to Troy Kent, teacher and author, for the lovely review of The Golden Rule!

5.0 out of 5 starsThe Golden Rule Book of Lessons

By Troy Kent on September 18, 2016

I titled my review “The Golden Rule Book of Lessons” because that is exactly what this book is. It focuses on many life-lessons that children (and perhaps some adults as well) should, or need to, learn to make this world a better one – for everybody! I couldn’t help but think of the old saying that “you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you” while I was reading this book, but while that saying might be old the book’s content certainly is not. The author uses very relevant and current terms that today’s children can relate to like “Kindle,” and “Nook,” and “Paying it Forward.” I especially like children’s books that rhyme, so the author’s ability to present her “Golden Rule” in rhyme was especially appealing to me, and would definitely be a hit with children. Because this book is full of so many good lessons, it would be the perfect read-aloud to groups of children as it would create the opportunity for many interesting and important discussions. I really enjoyed this award-winning book and would recommend it without hesitation.

Nice New 5-Star Review for The Golden Rule

Treat Others the Way You'd Like to be Treated

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

5.0 out of 5 stars  for The Golden Rule

Lovely new review…

This is a wonderful book, all in rhyme

By- R   on September 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful book, all in rhyme, about Robert and Kait setting out to find the Golden Rule at school, only to discover it’s not a ruler, but an actual rule. Dr. Seuss comes to mind, with the playful yet smart lines. A clever and well-written children’s book, about “treating others as you yourself wish to be treated”. 5 stars, highly recommended!

My Play, ABC December, to be in Re-Release of a JoAnn Ross Novella

Untitled-3I often forget to mention that I also am the author of 7 Published and Internationally performed plays for elementary school children. One of them, ABC December, is referenced (with credits!) in the JoAnn Ross multi-author Christmas book, Christmas On Main Street – and is now to be re-released as a novella entitled Christmas In Shelter Bay.

I Just discovered this on the JoAnn Ross Newsletter. It’s fun to have my play, ABC December, included once again! I don’t know if you remember, but she used one of the plays written by me and my daughter in her story . The  heroine is a kindergarten teacher whose class performs a “Holiday Play”… We received credits for the play!!

Here’s her news:

“…on November 15, NAL will be rereleasing a backlist Christmas story, Christmas in Shelter Bay, as an e-novella for $2.99. This originally came out in the Christmas on Main Street anthology with other authors. I don’t, by the way, have any say in formats or dates (or really anything, including pricing) from former publishers, and they’ve chosen not to make it available in print. However, you can read an ebook on a tablet, phone, computer with a free kindle app. This is Cole and Kelli’s story, and NAL’s art department did create a really pretty cover for it. It can be pre-ordered for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.  I don’t have a website page up for that novella yet, but there’s a link to the previously published multi-author anthology Christmas on Main Street page which has the previous cover copy and an excerpt you can read. Just a reminder, if you click on the links on that page, you’ll get the more expensive anthology rather than just the Shelter Bay novella. However, if you’d like to read it in print and missed it the first time around, this would be a way to do it.”

If anyone is interested in any of the plays, they are available at Lazy Bee Scripts listed under Sherrill S. Cannon. They are also here on the website!


Fun at Fallsington Elementary School

Fallsington Elementary School

Fallsington Elementary School

I had a wonderful Book Reading at Fallsington Elementary School yesterday! Since Fallsington is a “PA School of Character”, my books about Consideration for Others and The Golden Rule were especially appropriate!  I was able to share The Magic Word, Manner-Man, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys with the K-3 children and then My Fingerpaint Masterpiece with the entire school.  I was delighted that one of the questions asked was “Where can we get these books?”  (Fortunately, we are doing a Fundraiser with the school, so that signed books will be available!!)