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Please Meet Zayden, my Kid Reviewer and CureJM Warrior

My Fan Zayden! CureJM Warrior

Zayden is one of my Kid Reviewers – and the rest of the family: Lily, Anthony and Samiya are too!  They write

“My Little Angel is an awesome book. It showed me that someone’s always watching over me and protecting me. Gimme-Jimmy, The Golden Rule, Manner-man & The Magic Word are all in our library at home. We love all your books and will be purchasing the other 4 soon. Thank you! Love always, Zayden, Lily, Anthony & Samiya!”

My heart is smiling too!



Please Meet my Kid Reviewer, Abigail

I loved hearing from Abigail…

Abigail’s Favorite!

Her mother writes:

Here is my little angel, Abigail, checking out My Little Angel.

Here is her review:

“I loved it and I am bringing it to school today so I can show my class. I liked that it rhymed and that the angel made the girl sneeze and that an angel could be funny. I found all of the pictures and this is my favorite book by her.”

Thanks so much, Abigail!  (and Mom)




Please Meet Addie, my Inspiration for my CureJM Fundraiser

Please meet Addie!  She’s one of my Classroom of Kids characters!

Awesome Addie!

Addie has now been a character in the following previous books:

Manner-Man (also on the cover – little girl in the blue dress




9 Awards, including Illustration Award for Kalpart!


Also My Fingerpaint Masterpiece


See Art with your Heart



Winner of 4 Awards…


And Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My!

My Jr. Reviewer Addie likes “Mice”






And The Golden Rule 

Addie, my Jr. Reviewer

Addie, My Jr. Reviewer






Addie was my inspiration for my CureJM Fundraiser


Happy Easter! Nice Kid Review on Easter… Thanks, Kylie!

Nicest Easter “gift” – text comments from Kylie about My Little Angel

Thanks, Kylie!

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street



Fun to Share Comments

Fun to share a few nice comments I’ve received lately…

“Thank you for providing books that are filled with beneficial lessons that helps shape young minds…  Keep up the great work!” –  Felicia

“Sherrill, I am so proud to call you my friend! What you do to help raise money to find a cure for my grandson Kinser and all the other beautiful children with this horrible disease is just unbelievable. Your support on a personal level makes you a part of my family. Love you so much.” – Pauline

And this message made me laugh:  My daughter reported that she read My Little Angel tonight to my granddaughter. She pointed to the Character from Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! and said ‘that girl doesn’t like spiders’ 😉

Have a happy day!!


Fun at Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

I had a fun day today at the Grandparents Day event at my granddaughter’s pre-school, reading a prototype of my soon-to-be-released My Little Angel.

Since I didn’t have an official print copy of any sort, I made my own copy and she held the illustrations for me while I read the text from my iPhone!

(One little boy’s immediate reaction?  “I really LIKE that book!”)

Then she handed out my author cards to all the grandparents!