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Lovely Review from a Classmate

Pinnacle Award Winner

Letter from Betsy – A Penny for Your Thoughts

I was able to start your book and fell in love with it from the first page…I am wondering how to write you what I felt as there were so many emotions running through me from beginning to end.  It was as though you lived inside me and knew exactly what my thoughts were and I couldn’t figure out how you could do that.  I kept wondering if you were just a marvelous writer or if you really had had glances of love and loss in your life.  I put myself in your place all the time and realized early on that…I was always thinking of other people I knew.  I think I liked the first part of the book the best as it was so loving and gentle, but I did find that at the end I was identifying very much with the poems about the seasons, how I was growing older and the end is in sight.  I really am impressed that you and I think so much alike.  And yet you have the most beautiful way of expressing yourself, something that I couldn’t possibly do and which would never occur to me.  There was a poem about in the middle that I almost melted away with about loss and all I could think about was our son.  It expressed my thoughts exactly and yet I can’t tell you the name of it… I wonder if this is enough of a commentary on your lovely book.  I am so grateful to you for giving it to me and I am a better person for having read it.  It was sweet, gentle, very often real and always enlightened. Thank you for my gift…The book was really perfectly done.” Congratulations!  Much love and thanks…

A Penny for Your Thoughts Wins Pinnacle Achievement Award!

Poems of Love and Loss…
Feelings Into Words

So pleased to receive this email today, announcing that A Penny for Your Thoughts has received a Pinnacle Achievement Award!!

“Dear Sherrill,


Your book has been chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Fall 2017.”

Winner of Pinnacle Award

Congrats to Barton Johnson too!

Thank you Victoria Ross of the San Diego Examiner

Poems of Love and Loss…
Feelings Into Words

Thank you for the nice comments by Victoria Wagner Ross of the San Diego Examiner about A Penny for Your Thoughts.

A Penny For Your Thoughts is simply the most beautiful book of poetry. Thoughts of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her sensitive sonnets are shadows in some of Cannon’s poems. The lovely style of blending and weaving words to evoke feeling is well done. The poetry touches on topics of age, youth, nature, and love with deep emotion such as “Frozen Wasteland” and “My Tree”. The poetry exceeds her wonderful children books that hinted through the Dr. Seuss homage of rhyme delivering gentle lessons with deeply felt emotions of humanity. How wonderful this A Penny For Your Thoughts book of poetry arrives in time for the holidays the time of wonderment and renewal.


Another Lovely 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Poems of Love and Loss…
Feelings Into Words

Thank you Jannifer Powelson for the lovely review of A Penny for Your Thoughts

“A Penny for Your Thoughts” is Worth Much More than a Penny, Even a Very Pretty Penny!

 My daughters and I have read  all of Sherrill S. Cannon’s previously published children’s titles. Her knack for using rhyming verse to reinforce children’s values and good manners is excellent. In her new book of poetry, “A Penny for Your Thoughts”, Cannon continues to entertain readers using her poetic story weaving skills.  Her poetry runs the full gamut of emotions, from friendship and love to grief and loss, and every feeling in between. Her style of poetry is easy to understand for even those who may not normally enjoy poetry, as Cannon puts her heart and soul into her poetry, allowing others to envision her sensitive words as they pertain to their own lives. As a nature lover, I found her poems with a nature theme to be especially engaging. No matter where you’re at in your life, you’ll find several poems in this divese collection of poems to relate to your life or simply enjoy on their own merit!


1st Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts – 5 Stars

Heads or Tails, You Win… By Jesi Scott

Poetry, as they say, is subjective. You get out of it what tends to be important to you, the individual. In this way, poetry is personal, not only to the poet, but to the reader. Sherrill Cannon’s first anthology is a compilation of truly personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Reminiscent of Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Christina Rossetti, Ms. Cannon’s poems run the gamut of love and the loss of it. How we question aging and looking to the future of existence without us in it are also addressed. After reading this compilation twice, I have come to realize I have several favorites, the top one being The Grandfather Clock. Winter Nuptials, To Share My Tears, Spare Me Your Love, What Is Beauty are just a few that drew me in and spoke to me, personally. Ms. Cannon certainly has a way with sonnets.
Whether you love reading poetry or not, there will be something in this anthology you can relate to, be it losing someone you love, finding them or a new love again, or simply looking at your life. A Penny For Your Thoughts is easy to read for those of you who think you don’t understand poetry, and it’s a quick read for those of you who think you don’t have time to read (though I suggest reading the poems one at a time and let the beauty of the words sink in). For poetry lovers, you will enjoy the sweetness of Ms. Cannon’s words, and the honest simplicity in their feelings.

Sherrill S. Cannon, Award-Winning Author

Thank you Castle View Academy

Fun to find!!  I love my Irish fans!!!

Thank you Castle View Academy

“Books By Sherrill S. Cannon

Sherrill s. Cannon is one of my children’s most favourite authors, and mine as well because each of her books has a moral in it.  Here are three that pertain to manners:

Manner-Man, turn those bad manners around and become a superhero for those in need!  This book even comes with a cut-out badge!  Read our full review of this book here.

The Golden Rule, What kind of world would it be if everyone treated others badly?  Let’s not even think about it, but instead learn the golden rule and make the world a better place.  You can read my full review here, and download your own Golden Rule certificate.

My Little Angel, the last of Sherrill’s children’s books, this one teaches children to listen to their conscience. You can read our full review here.”

Tristan reads to Kallista

Worth 1000 Words!!!

The Golden Rule Meets Whitehead Library, Northern Ireland

My Little Angel reviewed by the kids of Castle View Academy homeschool

Thank you Crystal!!!

Here is the full article… Castle View Academy – Books on Manners!

Giveaway for Santa’s Birthday Gift or A Penny for Your Thoughts on Linda Weaver Clarke’s Interview

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