Fun Time at the Library Author Expo

I enjoyed last weekend’s Library’s 3rd Annual Author Expo.

It’s fun to meet new people and share books.

I love young readers!

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Here’s the SBPRA Team!  Fellow authors Karen Scheuer and Gary Spack share space:

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Thank you to MamaBuys for including my Manners Books!

Delighted to discover that several of my books have been included on the Mamabuys Blog about Learning Manners,Good Habits and About Life.

Mamabuys – Books About Manners and Life

Learning Manners, Good Habits and About Life


A wonderful way to teach kids to say please and thank you written in rhyme by award winning author Sherrill S. Cannon

The perfect antidote to children who whine. Yet another cleverly written book in rhyme by award winning author Sherrill S. Cannon

A true super hero of children that they can relate to and learn from written in rhyme by award winning author Sherrill S. Cannon

The bear family discovers that there is no such thing as monsters on a stormy day, much to everyone’s relief.

Centered on the life of a man and a tree running parallel is a great introduction to time, mortality and change. A classic that is a must have

A little tale about contentment written in rhyme by the popular  author Julia Donaldson

A fabulous way to talk to children about treating others and about being a ‘good person’ written in rhyme by award winning author Sherrill S. Cannon

A timeless story retold in simple language and vivid pictures.

A question often asked, but a concept difficult to explain, time is brilliantly explained using a child’s birthday party as the focus.

About two friends on a stormy day, being clumsy,getting angry and then making up. A simple story packed with emotions and beautiful illustrations.

About a greedy and selfish bully named Jimmy who transformed into a selfless and caring boy after his hand grew enormous as a result of constantly seeking more for himself. Another clever story in rhyme by award winning author Sherrill S. Cannon

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys – “Gonna have to read it again…”

Heeding the advice of an amazon top reviewer, who suggested always “liking” a review that someone has taken time to write for me, I decided to go back and look at and “like” some of the reviews.

I was delighted to find this one for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, which I am now sharing:

“I received this book last week and I had wanted to get a review up before now but life gets in the way so here it is now. I thought this was a really cute book. I had my 9 yr old read it which he saw it was from the same author as Manner Man and he grabbed it immediately. He read it and when he was done I asked him if he had liked it. He said, “Not as much as Manner Man. But I’m gonna have to read it again to make sure.” Now that should be a review for you. He has to read it again to make sure he doesn’t like it as much as another book. I would say that’s a definite like. Now if only Ms. Cannon had one about tattle-telling.”

This was a verified review from an “amazon customer”, so I thank you if you are reading this!!!

And thank you to Gisela Hausmann for the suggestion!!


Top Amazon Reviewer gives Manner-Man 5 Stars!

Winner of 10 Awards

Thanks so much to Gisela Hausmann for her awesome 5-star review for Manner-Man!

on August 30, 2017

“Manner-man” is a fabulous book. As I read the book I thought that it is much more needed than when I was a child. In the 21st century, bullying has become a societal problem. Many parents wonder how to cope with it and how to protect their children.

Of course, like everything in life, bullying starts small. A toy is taken away, somebody is getting punched…

In her book Sherrill S. Cannon’s protagonist is encouraged to find a “solution” how to deal with this problem himself.

Here is why Cannon’s “approach” is brilliant. Not only does her protagonist learn (1) to “stand up”, (2) encourage others, thereby also (3) empowering others, he also learns to call “Manner-Man.” (Manner-Man is a super hero – in a golden suit with a huge blue “M” for Manner-Man on his chest.)

Cleverly, Sherrill Cannon rolls many elements into one super hero concept:

• Manner-Man is a cool super hero who looks for helpers (like Batman had his Robin)
• Standing up is a virtue
• everybody is working on bettering their society
• Calling “Manner-Man’ is empowering as well as liberating.

In essence it’s a double-coolness factor story. The bad guys are just bullies. They don’t empower anybody and no super hero shows up to support them.

Perfect for at home and in the classroom!
5 stars,
Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger

PS: I also appreciated that Sherrill Cannon featured boy-bullies and girl-bullies. Sadly, we learn that both genders bully others. It’s time to put a stop to that.