Lovely Note from an Old Friend

Winner of 5 Gold Awards

I received a lovely note in the mail from an old friend, to whom I had sent a copy of A Penny for Your Thoughts.

“Good Afternoon Sherrill, my brand new POET FRIEND –

Your book arrived and I love it.  It is charming, delightful, easy to read ad carries so many beautiful messages…”A Penny for Your Thoughts” sits beside my bed so that I can treat myself to a different page or two of poetry every night.

Thank you, thank you for gifting me with this very special book.  May you keep on writing and and spreading your worthwhile thoughts far and wide for more and more to enjoy…”

Thank you Fran for sharing your thoughts with me… You are an inspiration to me, as well.

5 Gold Awards for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Thank you to my fabulous illustrator Kalpart for adding the Gold Medal Sticker for the Winner in the Poetry Category in the Los Angeles Book Festival to A Penny for Your Thoughts!

Winner of 5 Awards

(The Pinnacle Achievement Award is now inside the front cover!)

Fun to Find my Children’s Books at

A friend and fellow author mentioned that she had discovered her children’s book on the site.  I thought I’d go take a look!

No whining at Walmart!

Please look – Great Price!

R U a Good Listener?

Gimme-Jimmy - A Bully Learns to Share

Please check out Karen Scheuer’s book, A Bug and a Wish while you’re there!

Gold Medal Award Stickers for A Penny for Your Thoughts and The Golden Rule

Gold Medal eLit Awards

So happy to receive the Gold Award Stickers for the eBook versions of both A Penny for Your Thoughts and The Golden Rule – both are Winners of the eLit Book Awards, sponsored by the Jenkins group that sponsors the IPPYs, Moonbeam and several other major Awards!

My awesome illustrator, KJ of Kalpart Illustrations, has updated the covers!

Winner of 6 Awards

A Penny for Your Thoughts is the 2018 Gold Medal eLit Award Winner in Poetry







Winner of 9 Awards


The Golden Rule is the 2018 Gold Medal eLit Winner in Children’s Books, All Ages

Another Cute 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

It’s fun to find new reviews on amazon, and I’m happy to share this one!

My Little Angel – 4 Awards

5-stars for My Little Angel

on April 6, 2018
“One more excellent children’s book from Cannon. Not overly religious, but touching in its message of how children can be aware of the impact of their words and actions. Another one of my kids’ favorites for bedtime!”
Thank you Kimber…

Two Gold Medals! 2018 eLit Awards

Winner of 6 Awards

So happy to share the news that A Penny for Your Thoughts is the Gold Medal Winner for Poetry in the 2018 eLit Awards, and The Golden Rule is the Gold Medal Winner for Children of All Ages!!!

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

What wonderful news to receive!!  It was especially fun since we are now traveling and when the results were announced by email, I had forgotten that I had entered The Golden Rule instead of My Little Angel, since I hadn’t entered these awards before & Angel will be eligible next year… I went back to see if I recognized any authors & found myself again!

So for the first hour, while sightseeing, I was exuberant about A Penny for Your Thoughts winning its fourth Gold Medal… and an hour later I discovered that The Golden Rule was also a Gold Medal winner!!!

So great to have the eBooks win Gold!!!