5 Stars for My Little Angel – Lovely Review by Lorilyn Roberts

Another lovely 5-star review for My Little Angel, this one by Lorilyn Roberts, the founder of the John 3:16 Network…

on October 15th
My favorite children’s books are rhyming books, and Sherrill Cannon once again in “My Little Angel” has created a masterpiece. The story is uplifting, the illustrations are beautiful, and it’s one of those books where you feel good all over when you finish it. You want to linger on the words, the message, and read it again and again. The story is biblical, where the young girl has an angel who protects her and helps her throughout the day. Prayer, self-worth, kindness, gratitude, and love are recurring themes and make this a wonderful book to share and read to young children. “My Little Angel” is a great addition to children’s literature and I’m sure it will win many awards in the years to come.

The Golden Rule is a Finalist in the IAN Awards!

Nice to receive this announcement this morning!!!

The Golden Rule a Finalist

We are pleased to announce that your book, The Golden Rule, is a winner in the 2017 IAN Book of the Year Awards!

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated


When judging completed, The Golden Rule, was selected as a finalist in the category: “Children’s Fiction Illustrated.”

So pleased to receive this award, the first time one of my books has placed in this contest, and it is the 8th award for The Golden Rule,

(This is award #49 if anyone else is counting…!)

Thanks to all of my readers… Please treat others the way you’d like to be treated!”


Nice to be part of the Testimonials for Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Awards

Nice to be a included in the Testimonials for the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Awards…

“I have entered the Reader Views Literary Awards Reviewer’s Choice program each year since I discovered the program in 2012 when The Magic Word won a 2nd place award. This has been followed each consecutive year with Gimme-Jimmy a  2013 HM, Manner-Man a 2014 Gold, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece a 2015 HM, Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! a 2016 HM, and The Golden Rule a 2017 2nd place. I hope that My Little Angel will do as well!  The Awards themselves are great for marketing, but the way that this Awards Program is especially meaningful is that they use children to review the books.  A child reviewer is very unique, since they evaluate the book’s appeal to actual children…the readers!!  Reader Views also provides excellent marketing services in addition to their Awards Program.”

–Sherrill S. Cannon


Another 5-Star Review for The Magic Word

What is the Magic Word?

Thank you again to Bethany Edwards, international school educator and literary specialist, for the lovely review of The Magic Word.

on October 7, 2017
Sherrill has consistently written lovely rhyming books for young children. Not only do the books have quality text, but an important message for empathy and unity that is critical for children to see in books.
This book models natural consequences for unkind words, but then shows the main character Elizabeth reflecting on her decisions. This is a critical message that just because you make a mistake, there is a way to change and move forward.
As adults we read books like Unselfie by Michele Borba or The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey that outline the importance of explicitly teaching empathy and resilience in children.
Sherrill’s book does exactly that; a must have book for all young ones to see “the golden rule” in action.
The multicultural cast of characters is also very valuable as classrooms become increasingly diverse and children’s books need to help children learn to read while also reading the world.
Be sure to also check out the children’s plays this wonderful author has written for classroom teachers.

Lovely New 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

Thank you to author and blog writer Bethany Edwards for her awesome review of My Little Angel:

on October 7, 2017

“A charming faith-based children’s book that illustrates a little girl being guided by her guardian angel, Angela.

Positive messages of kindness, patience, and a great work ethic are all modeled beautifully. I enjoyed the pacing of this book to walk through a typical day in the life of a child and all the positive choices she made when faced with a decision.

The author is also a teacher who supports and understands how to teach literacy skills with her books.

There are comprehension and reflection questions at the end of the book which can be used in a guided reading group, or at home to encourage reading aloud with your children.

Half of the proceeds from this book are donated healthcare and Bullying Prevention charities (through the SBPRA fundraising sites); another wonderful reason to support the philanthropy of this amazing author.”
Bethany is an international school educator and a literacy specialist.  Please check out her website at www.biracialbookworms

LOVE this Review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys!

Fun to find on the amazon site…  No more whining!

For the whiney September 13, 2017
Have read this book a number of times. Havent seen an overall change in the whining but it did make her (my six year old) stop and think even if for a moment.

Thank you, Heavens to Betsy!

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

I enjoy getting news of children appreciating my books, so I am sharing this comment from Betsy Shawl, a former classmate to whom I had sent a copy of The Golden Rule.  She let me know that her long-time best friend and matron-of-honor had visited and…

“She has a grandchild (finally!!!) and she and her husband have moved to be near that daughter and child so I gave her my Golden Rule that you had so nicely given me.  This grandson is over two years old now and is off to nursery school this fall.  My friend Mary has read your book to him over and over (she reports) and he simply loves it and asks for it.  He loves the expression Heavens to Betsy so I wrote in the front that this was given to him by a friend of his grandmother, “Heavens to” Betsy Shawl.  I gather he was tickled with that.  So your book has a good home and is most appreciated (as it was here too!).”

Sharing with the children is what it’s all about!!!

Thanks, Heavens to Betsy!!