A Dime is a Sign Wins Silver in the Global eBook Awards

So happy to announce that A Dime is a Sign has won it’s 6th Award, a Silver Medal in the Global eBook Awards!

(This is my 74th Award…)

It received the following Midwest Book Review in the Reviewers Choice Section (March 2019):

Susan Violante, Reviewer
Reader Views

“A Dime is a Sign” by Sherrill S. Cannon is another keeper! The book is a collection of eclectic poetry formats all focusing on putting ‘Feelings Into Words’ as noted by the subtitle. There is something special about Sherrill’s poetry that takes the reader out of their regular day and into an inward journey that heals old feelings from their past. This book contains poems about love and loss, organized into three sections: Love and Friendship, Of Related Emotions, and Of Heartache and Anguish. These parts represent the tossing of a dime (Heads, spinning, and tails).

I loved the metaphor as I chose poems to read and decided to toss the coin, sometimes by spinning the pages to see which poem I got. This made the read fun and thought provoking as again and again I would get poems that connected with my current mood or situation! For example, I was working on a small speech for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and the landing page was on ‘Love is Love’ which embodied the message I wanted to convey to the bride and groom…so I made it a part of my speech and will read it citing the book and author of course, during the toast or even the ceremony.

It is hard, as usual with Cannon’s poems, to pick a favorite but the one below is one that stands out as the contrast of simplicity and depth, hand in hand with words and feelings, is evident immediately:

A Poem

You sent me a poem
(I think it was you)
Describing a moment
That I never knew…

A tentative feeling
Of love in the air
Portrayed with an image
Of quiet despair

As the portentous moment
Revealing love’s joys
Was disrupted by sounds
Of a motorbike’s noise…

And the now broken moment
Reduced to a page
Of unrevealed passion
That never could age…’

“A Dime is a Sign” by Sherrill S. Cannon is a collection of feelings straight from the author’s heart that will touch all readers. I recommend it to all poetry lovers, but especially recommend it to anyone searching for the words behind their feelings, words that describe unforgettable lived moments and words to heal hearts. A Five-Star collection to keep!

Silver Medal in the 2019 Global eBook Awards

A Dime is a Sign is in a Giveaway on Reader Views

Thanks Kalpart for Adding the New FAPA Award to the Cover

One copy of A Dime is a Sign will be part of a Giveaway on the Reader Views site for the Month of August…

Here is the Link: August Book Giveaway – Reader Views

A Dime is a Sign is a 2019 Silver Medal Winner in the Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards for Poetry

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Listen to the Melody of When I Opened My Eyes…

Winner of 5 Awards!

Now that A Dime is a Sign has received a fifth award, a Bronze Medal in the FAPA Awards, I’d like to share again the lovely YouTube trailer prepared for me by my friend and fellow author, Marta Moran Bishop… Her melodic voice helps share the poignant message of the concluding poem in the book,s…When I Opened My Eyes

Thrilled to Share that A Dime is a Sign has won its 5th Award – A Bronze in the 2019 FAPA Awards

I was so thrilled to open my messages this morning and find this photo sent from an author friend:

Bronze Medalist in Poetry

This Bronze Medal Award in the 2019 FAPA President’s Book Awards (Florida Authors & Publishers Assn) is the 5th award for A Dime is a Sign.

It was a lovely way to start the day this morning, since I was unaware that it was a Finalist in this highly competitive, well-recognized contest.

(Congratulations also to fellow author Hayley Rose, who won a Gold Medal in Children’s Picture Books, Ages 0-7, with Fifo, Today I Feel Emotionand who sent me the above photo!)


Under Contract for Another Children’s Book!

I am delighted to announce that I am now under contract for another children’s book!!!  This one is a little different, since it’s for slightly older children (grades 2-4) and helps explain the issues and problems and possible solutions when dealing with children diagnosed with ADHD.  (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).  It is a treatable, neurobehavioral disorder found in kids, teens and adults.  It involves moments of being inattentive, impulsive or hyperactive, which have an impact at home and at school. According to some internet statistics, It is estimated that nearly 17 million Americans are affected by ADHD.

This story originally came about several years ago, in response to a child of a friend who was diagnosed with ADHD.  I had just started writing children’s stories, and while having dinner together, I read the story of Peter and the Whimper-Whineys to David and his family.  David said to me, “I wish there was a story for kids like me…”  So now there is!  David’s ADHD is now under contract!!!

I shared the story with a friend who wrote: “You cover the symptoms and the problems they create really well and I like the the story is so hopeful and positive.  This will be so good to have in libraries and classrooms so kids can learn about ADHD kids they might know and learn to be understanding and patient with them.”  It has also been shared with a friend who is a Clinical Social Work/Therapist and several teachers. (An earlier version of this story was included in an anthology, and was shared with an ADHD support group in upstate NY.)

I look forward to sharing the story with all of you upon publication. I am delighted that my wonderful illustrator Kalpart will be illustrating this new book also.  Stay tuned (please!)




Note from a Friend Who Recently Lost Her Daughter

Winner of 4 Awards!

Love it when I get messages like this:

Had an interesting dime experience today. Walked into the grocery store  and saw a dime rolling around in a circle. The couple closest to me said it wasn’t theirs. No one else even close to me. The dime slowly came to a stop and it felt like it was meant for me.  SARA?

A Dime is a Sign is all about this…

A psychic medium once said that if you find a random dime, it is a sign that someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you…

A Dime is a Sign Through Time

If you find a dime,

You will know that I’m

Sending thoughts of love

Through the veil of time.

Ten cents with a silver shine,

A sense sent you to help remind

That someone who left you behind

Is always living in your mind.

Sending love and vibes,

Felt as psychic sighs…

The ones that you miss,

Send you a kiss…

There is also a lovely YouTube trailer for A Dime is a Sign:

Thanks for sharing…  (PS – Pets send dimes too!)

Question from a Fan of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

Reading My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

I received the following comment, with a question from a young fan:

“I gave another of your books to my dear little friends Little Judy and her little brother Jack. When judy saw the book she said, oh we have others of those! And then she started reading to her brother. And I asked afterwards if she thought the artist was a boy or a girl and she thinks it’s a girl and I don’t think that it’s clear. But she showed me a picture that looks like somebody with longer hair than most boys wear their hair so we’re asking you to answer the question!”

Please Answer the Question?

My Answer (off the record, since whenever I ask this question at a school reading, the answer is consistently 50-50… The girls think it’s a girl, and the boys think it’s a boy…)

Here my answer for Little Judy:

She is correct, the hair is a little long, but at the time both boys & girls wore their hair at that length. And I almost didn’t use that illustration. But since the entire point of the book is seeing art from one’s own perspective, I am delighted whenever there is a discussion. For the record, I always thot he was a boy… ps. Off the record!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”… (to use a famous quote…)

(Also, sometimes, the “Emperor’s New Clothes” approach to art… )