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FAPA Gold Medal Added to the Cover – Thank you, Kalpart!

Thank you Kalpart for adding the new FAPA Gold Medal Award to the cover of David’s ADHD

Below is a favorite Review:

David’s ADHD – Feathered Quill Review…

By: Sherrill S. Cannon
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld

Author Sherrill S. Cannon tackles an important and timely subject in her latest children’s book, David’s ADHD.

Readers meet David in his classroom where all the students are attentively listening to their teacher. All the students except David. Instead of listening, David is distracted by his pencil. Throughout the day, David has problems in and out of class. He can’t sit still and he easily gets angry and frustrated. David shoves and plays too rough and his behavior was having an impact on those around him too.

Written in an easy flowing rhyme that children will happily follow along with, the book explains what ADHD is, and how to recognize it in others and themselves:

Everyone thought he was out of control;
His angry resentment was taking its toll.
The kids wouldn’t play with him; he was too rough.
He’d push and he’d shove, and he’d grab at their stuff.
Nobody liked him or wanted him near,
And he seemed to be getting worse, year after year.

David’s ADHD doesn’t sugarcoat the issue, but it also handles the topic with care and understanding. In the story, David’s parents realize that something is wrong so they take their son to the doctor. Once they have a diagnosis, David now has options for dealing with his ADHD. The author explains (all in rhyme) how some people need to take medicine, others find having schedules to follow helps, while still others might have a therapist to teach coping skills.

I was interested in reading/reviewing this book primarily because my son, now grown, was diagnosed with ADHD back in elementary school and I wanted to see how the author would tackle the subject. After reading the book, I suspect Ms. Cannon has worked with children with ADHD because she covered all the issues/solutions surrounding ADHD that we experienced. Those solutions include using a computer keyboard to type out classroom work, to following a strict schedule as well as having simple rules to follow. She also makes it clear that ADHD is something that must be dealt with every day:

He copes with ADHD day after day.
He knows it may possibly not go away.

While presenting all the obstacles surrounding ADHD and ways of treating it, the book stays very positive. Children who may be struggling with ADHD will certainly see themselves in David and be encouraged at how he deals with his anger and hyperactivity. The book is also an excellent tool to teach all schoolchildren about those in their own classroom who may exhibit signs of ADHD so that they can better understand and help their classmates.

Quill says: Another winner from author Sherrill S. Cannon, this time on a topic that impacts so many children, and their families. David’s ADHD should definitely find a place in every school library to help children with ADHD as well as to educate children who know someone with ADHD so that they can better understand, and interact, with their classmate(s). For more information on David’s ADHD, please visit the publisher’s website at:

David’s ADHD Wins Gold in the FAPA President’s Awards

So thrilled to attend a Zoom Presentation for the Winners of the 2020 FAPA Awards and discover that David’s ADHD was awarded the GOLD Medal in the Children General category.

Gold Medal Winner

They had a lovely slide show prepared, having previously requested photos of authors holding their award winning books.  The finalists in each category had been announced earlier, but the Award Placements were not revealed until last evening!  What fun to find out that David’s ADHD had been awarded the GOLD!!

David’s ADHD has now won 11 awards: David is one the “Classroom of Kids,” who manages his ADHD with the help of classmates. Friends from previous books are featured. In fact, David has been part of the class for a long time! The book has also received a Gold Medal in the Book Excellence Awards, 1st Place in Purple Dragonfly Awards School Issues plus HM in Special Needs/Disability Awareness,  two Silver Medals for both Children’s Early Readers and Poetry from Feathered Quill Book Awards, Winner of Barefoot Librarian Award as well as Silver Medal for Early Readers from Reviewer’s Choice Awards, a Bronze Medal in the eLit Book Awards, a Pinnacle Achievement Award, and is a Story Monsters Approved Winner!

ISBN: 978-1-950860-43-2 – $12.50



David’s ADHD Has Updated Cover – Thank You, Kalpart!

Winner of 11 Awards

Thanks to my awesome illustrator Kalpart for adding the Purple Dragonfly 1st Place Winner Award in School Issues to the David’s ADHD Cover

I also received notification from Story Monsters Ink that my photo holding the 2 Purple Dragonfly Awards is now listed on their website as well…  David’s ADHD also won an Honorable Mention in Special Needs/Disability Awareness.

Here is the Link to the Awards: Purple Dragonfly Winners

Winner of 2 Awards


Purple Dragonfly Awards for David’s ADHD

I was asked to send a photo of me holding my awards from the Purple Dragonfly Awards for children’s books… David’s ADHD was honored with two awards!!  1st Place for School Issues plus an H.M. for Special Needs/Disability Awareness.  This award is sponsored by Story Monsters LLC and will be included in their Back to School issue…!

Manner-Man is a Superhero!!

Manner-Man – to the Rescue!!

Manner-Man the Superhero

Winner of 10 awards: Winner of the 2014 CLIPP Principals’ Award, the KART Kids Book List, the Reviewers Choice Award, Los Angeles Book Festival, Global eBook Silver Medal; as well as a 2013 Readers Favorite Silver Medal, National Indie Excellence Finalist, a Pinnacle Achievement Award, and H.M. in the London Book Fair and Rebecca’s Reads Awards.

Manner-Man is a Superhero who helps children cope with bullies,and teaches them how to look within themselves for their own superhero. ISBN: 978-1-62212-478-7 –  $12.50


Manner-Man is the third book in my Manners Trilogy, following The Magic Word and Gimme-Jimmy.

Here is a lovely review from one of amazon”s top reviewers

Customer Review


Manner-Man was the recipient of the prestigious CLIPP Book Awards for Grades K-2 – voted on by school principals throughout the United States.  Here is the CLIPPA Release for the Award

National release

Sherrill Cannon and P.J. Hartenaus Named Winners of

2014 Principals’ Award for Independently Published Children’s Literature

Branford CT, Oct 1, 2014 – The 2014 Children’s Literature Independently Published Principals’ Awards (CLIPPA) were announced today.  Sherrill S. Cannon of New Hope PA was selected as winner of the top award in the Grades K-2 category for her book Manner-Man. P.J. Hartenaus of Glen Ellyn, IL was chosen in the Grades 3-4 Category for her book, My Sometimes Pal.

The CLIPPA honors outstanding children’s books that offer fun, learning and creativity and were self-published by independent authors.  Entries were judged by elementary school principals, educators and children’s authors for originality, learning quality and use of language standards.

The award-winning books were selected from 10 finalists – five in each category.

Manner-Man features a super hero who teaches children to share, be polite and make friends.  He shows up to helps resolve conflicts, lays out “polite rules” for kids to follow and addresses bullying situations and ways to deal with them. The judges said: “The rhyming and repetitive nature of the text was entertaining – kids will love it!” and called it “A useful book for parents, teachers and kids.” 

 My Sometimes Pal, which was inspired by Hartenaus’ visit to the Belden School, an abandoned one-room schoolhouse built in 1859, teaches young readers about life in the late 1800s, while also addressing the topic of bullying. The judges said the book “…paints a picture for the reader of what life was like in the mid-1800s” and it offers “Good lessons about friendships, communication, family roles and standing up for yourself and your values.”

 Cannon is a retired teacher and author of six children’s book. Hartenaus is a fifth grade teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Manner-Man is also fun to read aloud to students, asking them to repeat the phrase “I am strong and my flash is bright, and I will defend you and make things all right!” 

The conclusion is…“And always remember your hero’s inside…”



David’s ADHD Wins 2 More Awards in the Purple Dragonfly Awards – Story Monsters LLC

Purple Dragonfly Winner

So pleased to receive the lovely news that David’s ADHD has won two more awards.

Story Monsters Inc has announced the results of the Purple Dragonfly Awards which specializes in Children’s Books.

This is the 10th Award for David’s ADHD


Here are the results in the two categories:


1st Place (tie): David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon, illustrated by KJ Kalpart      

1st Place (tie): Código 7: Descifrando el código para una vida épica (Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life) by Bryan R. Johnson

1st Place (tie): Free To Be Me: self love for all sizes by Lesley Williams-Blackwell, MD, illustrated by Penny Weber



Honorable Mention:

David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon, illustrated by KJ Kalpart

Blueberry’s Gift by Tenney Mudge, illustrated by Erika Cummings

I Want Tubie President by Meikele Lee

Milton Visits the Bakery by Karen Magnan, illustrated by Heather Lawson

There are lots more categories, and the full results can be found on the website

Purple Dragonfly Results

David’s ADHD is a Finalist in the FAPA Book Awards

FAPA Finalist

I just received the exciting notification that David’s ADHD is a Finalist in the FAPA Book Awards  (Florida Authors and Publishers Association)

The annual lovely Awards Banquet will not be held this year because of Covid19, but the results will be released soon.  (Stay tuned!)

I am so pleased that this book has been so well received, and hope that it will help many children, classmates, teachers and parents cope with this now manageable problem.

Change ADHD to All Day/ Happy Day!

Wonderful Review by Sue Morris of Kid-Lit Reviews for David’s ADHD

Thank you, Sue Morris, of Kid-Lit Reviews!!!

#1276 – DAVID’S ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon & Kalpart


Written by Sherrill S. Cannon
Illustrated by Kalpart
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
12/4/2019    28 Pages   Age 4—8

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction
Themes: ADHD, Symptoms, Acceptance,



Meet David, one of award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon’s “Classroom of Kids,” who manages his ADHD with the help of classmates.

David discovers ways to cope with his hyperactive brain, while learning how to calm and soothe his ADHD. Solutions include setting daily schedules and following simple rules that regulate behavior. His teachers and therapists encourage using the computer for academic advancement, and to establish a pattern for study as well as for occasional recreation. David not only learns self-control and communication skills, but is able to fit into the classroom and make friends.(from publisher)

Opening Sentences

“David sometimes just couldn’t sit still.
He’d fidget, and yell, and disrupt things at will.

He’d seem very angry and then lose his cool,
But this didn’t bother the kids in his school.”

Why I like David’s ADHD

Young David has trouble at school and at home. He is fidgety, disruptive, inattention and quick to erupt, often yelling instead of speaking. He can become very angry for no apparent reason. Other kids do not want to play with David. His frustration level causes David to react inappropriately. His parents are overwhelmed, yet never give up.

Soon a doctor diagnoses David as having ADHD:  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. With help from a therapist, a doctor, his parents, and his school, David learns how to cope, how to pay attention in class, and how to express his emotions properly.  He even learns how to get along with the other kids. This is David’s story.

Author Sherrill S. Cannon has written many picture books, all award winners. Her text is bouncy, easy to read, and usually quite funny.  I love Ms. Cannon’s books for those reasons and more. David’s ADHD is different. The author’s trademark rhyming text remains and her artist’s iconic characters, many of whom appear in her other books, return for another story. Yet, David’s ADHD is a more serious tale. David exhibits many of the typical symptoms of ADHD.  He needs the help of his family and friends to learn a new way of living; one that helps him control his symptoms and his emotions.

Despite being on the wordy side, David’s ADHD will help children understand what some of their classmates are going through each day. It might even help them understand their own actions and feelings. The ADHD brain tends to be deficit in a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. This “ADHD nervous system” is the cause of the symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and mood regulation.  I must admit, despite a working understanding of ADHD, I am lost on the author’s explanation of the disorder’s symptoms and their origin:

“We all have a camera that lives in our head.
It gives us bright pictures of all that is said.

“The lens helps us focus, to make things seem clear.
Dave’s couldn’t connect with his eye or his ear.

“The focusing lens was asleep in his brain.
He needed some help to wake it again,

“To help him remember the skills that he’d learned,
To help him restore self-control he had earned.”

ADHD is a difficult disorder to explain without mentioning which brain functions are involved. I’m guessing the above is an attempt at an explanation children can understand. It is difficult to know for sure due to the lack of a reference section, which can be a big help when dealing with non-fiction subjects.

David’s life with ADHD, including its symptoms and daily functioning, is wonderfully detailed and realistic. Children who read David’s ADHD should go forward with a better understanding of life with ADHD. In addition to understanding, the text has the empathy David, and kids like him need to succeed. Hopefully, readers will recall this story and share that empathy with classmates who need it.

While I think the story is a bit long for younger children, Ms. Cannon handles the subject with her usual composure and skill. I like how she highlights the importance of everyone in David’s life being part of his success; from classmates understanding his outbursts and teachers knowing how to motivate David, to his family helping him succeed at home and in the community.

Clinicians will find David’s ADHD helpful for clients and their families. Kids with the disorder will find hope and humor in David’s story, especially when realizing the story is about a real kid named David (and a grandmother determined to fill a need—specifically, letting kids with ADHD read a story with a character they can recognize as themselves). Teachers can turn to David’s ADHD when needing to explain ADHD to students or as part of a science class.

David’s story imparts hope and understanding where both can often be lacking. Most importantly, David’s ADHD has the power to influence anyone who reads this story. Like most disorders afflicting kids, the cure begins with empathy and understanding. David’s ADHD contains both. Highly recommended.

Favorite Sentence /Scene

I like the illustration of David and his parents at the doctor’s office. What I find impressive is the artist (Kalpart), has the doctor talking directly to David, who sits closest to the physician. The doctor is giving David permission to take control of his ADHD, while (presumably), giving him tools to do just that.

Illustrations Rendered digitally.

Available at Amazon

DAVID’S ADHD. Text Copyright © 2020 by Sherrill S. Cannon. Illustrations copyright © 2020 by Kalpart. Published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., Houston, TX.


Copyright © 2020 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Wonderful Review from Midwest Book Review for David’s ADHD

Midwest Book Review

I am so thrilled to share that David’s ADHD has received a lovely review from the prestigious Midwest Book Review.  This results in more exposure with distribution to libraries as well, which means more children, parents and teachers can have access to sharing ways to help children with ADHD develop coping skills and achieve much needed social skills with additional friendships and classroom inclusion.

Children’s Bookwatch: May 2020
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575
The Health Shelf
David’s ADHD
Sherrill S. Cannon, author
Kalpart, illustrated
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
9781950860432, $12.50, PB, 28pp,
David is a young boy who manages his ADHD with the help of classmates in “David’s ADHD”. David discovers ways to cope with his hyperactive brain, while learning how to calm and soothe his ADHD. Solutions include setting daily schedules and following simple rules that regulate behavior. His teachers and therapists encourage using the computer for academic advancement, and to establish a pattern for study as well as for occasional recreation. David not only learns self-control and communication skills, but is able to fit into the classroom and make friends. Very highly recommended for children ages 6-8, “David’s ADHD” is an effective, informative, and charmingly entertaining addition for any family, elementary school, or community library collection. It should be noted for personal reading lists that “David’s ADHD” is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $4.99).
Please help share this book, and help these kids develop!!!
Thanks so much, Midwest Book Review!!!



David’s ADHD Wins Bronze in eLit eBook Awards!

So pleased to share that David’s ADHD has won a Bronze Medal in the 2020 eLit eBook AwardsChildren’s All Ages category…

This is the 8th Award for David’s ADHD, but the first for the eBook version.

I hope this book will help many children, parents and teachers to recognize ADHD – and lead to more understanding and inclusion in classrooms and neighborhoods…so that ADHD can be All Day Happy Day!!