Lovely Review of Manner-Man by Mother Daughter Book Reviews



Lovely Review of Manner-Man by MotherDaughterReviews… only this time it’s Mother Son Book Reviews!!

Book Review: Manner-Man by Sherrill S. Cannon

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 09:14 PM PST

Review of Sherrill Cannon’s new picture book, Manner-Man by Mother and Son. This post also contains information about the CureJM Foundation. SON SAYS: This book teaches about how to stand up to bullies when someone is being mean to you or a friend. I learned that I should stand up for my friends who are being bullied. I already do that. MOM SAYS: I love the message behind Manner-Man. Not only does it provide direction for what to do when someone is bullying you, but importantly, it goes a step further to teach children that they also have a responsibility to look out for their friends or anyone else who is being bullied – thus the “Manner-Man Team” approach.
I was pleased to note that the Reviewer’s children loved having their names on the Acknowledgements Page of Manner-Man.  This was because before the publication of Manner-Man, MotherDaughterReviews generously donated to the CureJM Foundation through my CureJM Fundraiser, and purchased all of my books through the Fundraiser to use as Book Giveaways on her site.  (Many other donor’s children also have their names in the book, so please take a look!)  So a very big THANK YOU to a Reviewer who supports CureJM in such a thoughtful way.  If any of you would like to help us find a cure, please visit

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