Manner-Man includes the names of the 20 Newtown Angels…We must never forget them!


Please Join the Team

I would like to share this note with all of you and would like to thank SBPRA for donating twenty copies of Manner-Man to the families of the Newtown CT “Angels”.  CEO Robert Fletcher added a lovely Letter of Condolences, which I included with each of the personalized hand-signed books.

Letter of Condolences from SBPRA & AMI CEO, Robert Fletcher:

“I wish to offer my sincerest condolences to the families of the Newtown tragedy that occurred recently. Our prayers are with you. Upon request by our author, Sherrill Cannon, we have decided to donate 20 copies of her book which has the names of the 20 children who will never be forgotten.”

The first names of each of the twenty Newtown Angel children are all listed on the Acknowledgements Page of Manner-Man. Please take a moment to remember these children, and never let them be forgotten…

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