Lovely Review of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Mazor Books

Perception and Perspective!

Perception and Perspective!

Sherrill S. Cannon authored yet another delightful children’s book that should be added to all kid libraries. In “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” the author, who in all her books deals with kid-relevant issues, tackles the subjects of self-esteem and perception. The protagonist, a child – gender unknown and thus relatable for both, girls and boys – finger paints a drawing, which by accident ends up on display in an art gallery. Adults’ interpretation of the painting does not correlate with that of the child, whose intent was to draw a dog in the yard. The child is bewildered by the attention the painting garners and wonders how it is that an uncompleted, messy and muddled drawing can be perceived as a work of art.

Thank you, Sarah!


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