My Latest Friends and Fans Letter…and the YouTube video for My Little Angel

I wanted to share my latest update with my Facebook Friends as well.  Especially the YouTube trailer for My Little Angel that I just received!

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,

I haven’t communicated in a while, and forgive me if I have shared this with some of you, but I wanted to update everyone on my newest (and last) children’s book!

My Little Angel, has now been released and is available as both picture book and eBook on both amazon and on Barnes & Noble  It already has a lovely review from Readers’ Favorite, but I would love it if some of you had time to leave a review.  I have been reminded that amazon helps promote books, once they get 20 reviews… Here is the link for the YouTube trailer:

Here is a link for a pdf sample of the book:

I am also happy to report that the awards for my books now total 47.  (This never ceases to amaze me!)  My Little Angel now has its first award, a Pinnacle Achievement Award and recently The Golden Rule was awarded second place by Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice!  Wouldn’t it be nice to reach 50?

As in all my books, the illustrations by Kalpart are awesome, and many familiar faces from my classroom of kids are included in the books.

Thanks to all of you for helping me share my books. Please teach your children to be kind and to think of others… What a wonderful world this could be!!!



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