Quote about Manner-Man – My daughter takes it with her just about everywhere.

Award Winning Books

Award Winning Books

I received the following couple of notes from a mother who actually won two of my books for her daughter, each in a separate giveaway!!  (That’s pretty amazing!)    She had won The Magic Word earlier this year, and just recently won Manner-Man.  I love hearing about the children’s reactions, so I wanted to share this:

“We received Manner Man a couple days ago.  My daughter loves it.  She has had us read it to her several times already.   She now says I need to win her Gimme-Jimmy. Lol. Thanks so much for your awesome book and the giveaway.  We really appreciate winning another of your books…

 We are hoping to be settled into our new home by mid-October… I think Gimme-Jimmy will be a perfect home welcoming gift for Sofia.  She likes your Christmas book too.  Manner Man continues to be a favorite.  She takes it with her just about everywhere.”

If any other parents have stories to share, please do!

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