Nice comment about using SBPRA from Liam Moiser

Readers' Favorite Awards

Readers’ Favorite Awards

Liam Moiser, author of the award-winning series Moore Field School and the Mystery, and Incidents at Moore Field School, gave a recent interview – and I received permission to quote his comment about SBPRA:

“The most challenging aspect of publishing the series was trying to figure out which company to go with. Some of the negative writing about different companies scared me and I was very afraid to look for an agent. In the end I emailed a few different authors with different companies and even though a few people replied to me, no one was as friendly as Sherrill S. Cannon who is an Award-Winning Author at at SBPRA. After speaking to her and listening to everything she said it made me realize that SBPRA was the publisher for me.”

The SBPRA Family is very happy that he joined us!!  Thank you, Liam

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