Nice Post on the SBPRA Marketing Site… Thanks, SBPRA, for making it all possible!

26 Awards...

26 Awards…

Thanks for this nice posting from my publisher.

SBPRA Posting

Sherrill S. Cannon On How-To Win Book Awards
We interviewed award-winning author, Sherrill S. Cannon, who shares insider tips on how-to get your own book nominated for an award. Sherrill is the author of six childrens’ books that collectively have won over 25 awards. She is recognized as a self-publishing and self-marketing guru. We hope her expert tips will guide you on your way to award-winning success. To learn more about author, Sherrill S. Cannon check out her blog, tweet her @sherrillcannon or follow her on Facebook.

Here’s what Sherrill S. Cannon had to say…

I feel that winning an award is one the most helpful tools out there for marketing your book. An award gives your book instant credibility. Why? Because it has been selected by judges to represent the best of your genre compared to many other books submitted.
BSBRA: What are the benefits to be had for winning book awards?

SC: Book awards give instant credibility to books as well as their authors, since they have been judged to be award-worthy! This is very helpful when marketing, especially for relatively new authors. Winning awards also provides opportunities to publicize your books with emails and social media announcements.

BSBRA: How do you promote your titles after they have won an award?

SC: My first line of promotion is my website, where I post about awards, share reviews and reader comments, photos, as well as up-coming events. Since I link to both and in order to share my blog input, the information automatically goes to my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and many other social network sites. I also keep a list of email addresses for readers and reviewers, and send out an email blast.

BSBRA: What are the top 5 book award contests you recommend other authors to consider for entry next year?

SC: For new authors, I recommend entering regional contests, as a way to determine “award-worthiness” of your book. The Pinnacle Achievement Awards and any of the JM Northern Media contests, which are somewhat regional and have specific genres listed so that an author can see where his/her book has the best fit. For Indie authors, I recommend the following:

Readers Favorite
Reader Views
National Indie Excellence
Next Generation Indie
USA Best Books
BSBRA: What is the number one thing all authors should keep in mind when entering their first contest?

SC: Choose a contest that has a category consistent with your book’s genre. If you are thinking about a contest, go to the website first and check out the categories – and then go look at past winners in those categories to get a sense of what the judges might like.

BSBRA: What resources do you recommend or suggest authors look into for researching the various book awards they can enter for their books?


Readers Favorite
Reader Views
National Indie Excellence
Next Generation Indie Awards
USA Best Books
Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards
Pinnacle Achievement Awards
International Book Awards
IPPY Awards
Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards
Other Tips From Sherrill:

Before prepping your book for award winning eligibility be sure you have at least one 4 or 5-star review on major US retailers’ websites (Amazon and Barnes & Noble).
Once you have selected a contest, you MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Fill out the application completely and correctly. (They may ask for number of pages, publication year, ISBN, sometimes a synopsis, word-count, whatever – so be prepared to fill it out accurately.)
Include the correct number of books required, with whatever forms they have asked you to include, along with payment if by check, and address it to the correct address provided by the contest! I always send mine by USPS Flat Rate Priority mailer, which includes confirmation with tracking information. The mailer also provides protection for your books.

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