5 Star Review for My Little Angel from Readers Favorite Contest

5-Star Review!

My Little Angel – 5 Stars

Happy to receive this awesome 5-Star Review from Readers Favorite…

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite 3/24/17 – My Little Angel

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a guardian angel to guide us and help us follow the rules? My Little Angel is a wonderful story of Angela who sits on your shoulder and goes wherever you go. Bold, bright colors in the artwork by illustrator KJ of Kalpart help demonstrate the interesting story. The background color on text pages coordinates with the artwork on the right-hand page. If you look closely at the drawings, you will see other books by author Sherrill S. Cannon. To add interactivity for your children, let them spot the books included in the illustrations.

Author Sherrill S. Cannon provides a whimsical, rhyming story of Angela, a guardian angel who gives hidden messages of using your manners and being helpful and kind. When you imagine a guardian angel with you wherever you go, you’re never alone. Author Sherrill S. Cannon has created an easy-to-read story with subtle messages. This wonderful gem of a story will be enjoyed by both children and adults reading to children—you can almost imagine a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder. Wonderful illustrations by KJ of Kalpart provide lots of bright colors to the book. Bold and beautiful pictures leap off the pages of My Little Angel. The tones and shadows effectively demonstrate the story. Sherrill S. Cannon has crafted a winning combination of easy-to-read story, fun images, and bold colors to create a charming book that will be read over and over again.

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